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Doomsday Rider-Ralph Compton.

Doomsday Rider-Ralph Compton. Электронная библиотека, книги всех жанров


song about General Crook sung by the famous scout Al Sieber was not composed during the Tonto Basin campaign but three years later in 1875, when the general was transferred to the northern plains to take command of the Department of the Platte and the war against Dull Knife, the great Cheyenne war chief.

      Similarly, the song “The Czar and Grant and Friends” was written by the good people of Topeka, Kansas, to commemorate the 1872 visit of the son of Czar Alexander II and Empress Maria Aleksandrovna, and not, as I have it, Count and Countess Vorishilov.

      Among the notables who accompanied the Russian prince on the inevitable buffalo hunt were Gen. George Armstrong Custer and Gen. Phil Sheridan. Little Phil, no enthusiastic hunter, posed for the photo ops, then “made an escape on a fast train back to Chicago.”

      Finally, the Salado ruins near Globe, Arizona, are still there, and they’re a sight to see. From about A.D. 1300 to 1450, a small group of the last of this prehistoric people lived in the now-weathered cliff dwellings, built of stone and mud mortar.

      Today these cliff homes are preserved as the Tonto National Monument.



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