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    Las Vegas Nights

    Cat Schield

    Las Vegas NightsAt Odds with the Heiress Scarlett Fontaine often uses her beauty to get what she wants, but it doesn’t work on Logan Wolfe. Now he needs her help and it’s her chance to prove herself. What started as a flirtation grows serious when Scarlett’s safety is at stake.A Merger by MarriageVegas hotel heiress Violet Fontaine decides to give her sexy business rival a hand – by marrying him! Her one condition is that they keep their boardroom marriage out of the bedroom. But JT plans to seduce Violet into the marriage bed.A Taste of Temptation Harper Fontaine is determined to prove she’s ready to take on the family’s Vegas business empire. But working with celebrity chef, Ashton Croft, is proving hard. His not meeting deadlines is one thing, but the intense chemistry between them is another. Can it work when all the chips are down, or will they lose it all?

    The Package Deal

    Marion Lennox

    Can they finally have the family they’ve always wanted?Nine Months to Change His Life by Marion LennoxWhen Ben Logan gets washed up on a deserted island with petite Mary Hammond, they turn to one another for comfort. Three months later, back home safely, Mary arrives with news that could change their lives forever…From Neighbours…to Newlyweds by Brenda HarlenOrthopaedic surgeon Matt Garrett wants a family – with the right woman – and when Georgia Reed moves in next door, with her children, he knows he’s found the package deal. The only problem? He has to convince Georgia that they’re meant to be!The Bonus Mum by Jennifer GreeneWidower Whit Cochran has taken his twin daughters to a beautiful cabin in the mountains, here he meets runaway bride Rosemary MacKinnon and sparks begin to fly during the cold winter nights. Both of them have pasts they need to overcome, but will they a future together?

    Taming A Fortune

    Nancy Robards Thompson

    Can these Fortune’s ever be tamed?A House Full of Fortunes! By Judy DuarteToby Fortune Jones has been a single dad for long enough, now it’s time to get back in the dating pool…and he has his eye on Angie Edwards, the Queen of First Dates. Toby knows he can win Angie, if she’ll let him…Falling for Fortune by Nancy Robards ThompsonChristopher Fortune Jones has made a new life for himself; now, he’s rich, powerful and successful. Kinsley Aaron knows she should stay away from her sexy new boss but she’s intrigued by this man with no past and she’s determined to uncover his secrets!Fortune’s Prince by Allison LeighAmelia Fortune Chesterfield arrived in town eager to uncover her past, but will she find her future? Rugged cowboy Quinn Drummond charms the new Fortune into his bed, adamant that they’ll spend more than one night together. But if she flees, how can Quinn win her heart?

    Fortune's Mergers

    Bronwyn Jameson

    Back by popular demand! These great value titles feature stories from Mills & Boon fans' favourite authors. Merger of FortunesWealthy and powerful Case Fortune, charismatic corporate shark, swept Gina Reynolds off her feet to acquire her father’s company. By the time the dashing billionaire popped the question, Gina was all his. But when Case actually began to fall for his fiancée, he realised his plan had a flaw. Back in Fortune’s BedYears ago, Max Fortune had a sizzling summer affair with Diana Fielding-Young that she’d ended without warning. Now the embittered Australian millionaire vowed to get her back into his bed and make her rue the day she’d played him for a fool. But would Diana’s shocking confession force this ruthless heartbreaker to change tactics?Fortune’s Vengeful Groom Their wedded bliss had been short-lived, but Eliza Fortune never forgot those breathless nights of passion with Reese Parker. When a shattering betrayal detonated the union, the heartbroken heiress hid her secret marriage. But now Reese was back. This tuxedo-clad tycoon had fire in his eyes and revenge in his heart…

    In the Greek's Bed

    Sara Wood

    Back by popular demand! These great value titles feature stories from Mills & Boon fans' favourite authors. The Greek Tycoon’s Wife by Kim Lawrence Nikos Lakis is cool, controlled and infinitely sexy – and he’s also married to a woman who has never been his lover. Katerina hasn’t seen her husband since their wedding day…until their accidental reunion ignites an uncontrollable passion.The Greek Millionaire’s Marriage by Sara Wood Olivia has asked for a divorce from headstrong tycoon Dimitri Angelaki, but he has a surprise counterproposal: fake a temporary reconciliation and he will set her free. But they cannot deny the desire that still simmers between them…The Greek Surgeon by Margaret BarkerDemelza Tregarron came to Greece to escape her life, and found herself in the arms of delectable Dr Nick Capodistrias. Nick and his young son, Ianni, seem to be the family she’s longed for. Can their new bond survive a shocking surprise from Nick’s past?

    Playing Her Cards Right

    Jo Leigh

    "Choose Me Charlie Winslow is wealthy, successful, and usually found mingling with the A-list crowd. So when he goes on a Valentine’s Day blind date with small town girl Bree Kingston, the last thing he expects is to fall head over heels…"Have Me High-powered executive Rebecca Thorpe isn’t looking for Mr Right. What she does want is Mr Right-Here-Right-Now. So when she spots sexy police officer Jake Donnelly, she knows she’s found the perfect guy…Want Me Shannon Fitzgerald created the New York Hot Guys Trading Cards – a private ‘man swap’ for her single friends. But, she has yet to find the ‘perfect card’… until she sees gorgeous Nate Brenner again for the first time in years."

    One-Amazing-Night Baby!

    Heidi Rice

    A Wild Night & A Marriage Ultimatum Curvy Sophie Gruebella is happy being single, but a little too much truth from her friends has her falling into bed with a gorgeous, brilliant and driven man who’s her absolute opposite. It was amazing – but there were lasting consequences for both of them!Pregnant by the Playboy TycoonThere’s always been a simmering sexual tension between sexy businessman Steve Anderson and his sister’s best friend, but the heat burst into flames when they were travelling together. Steve never intends to settle down…but Annie’s pregnant!Pleasure, Pregnancy and a PropositionWhen sexy millionaire aristocrat Luke Devereaux turned up at Louisa’s office and made her take a pregnancy test, to her shock and horror it was positive! After one night of passion together came a marriage proposition and the promise of unending nights of pleasure…

    A Proposal Worth Waiting For

    Raye Morgan

    The Heir’s Proposal by Raye MorganTorie grew up as the butler's daughter on the Huntington estate and she's back to clear her family name – not to fall for billionaire Marc Huntington again! But she can’t deny the sparks flying between them.A Pregnancy, a Party & a Proposal by Teresa CarpenterLauren Randall always has a plan. And falling pregnant after a fling with infamous Ray Donovan is not part of it – and neither is their fake engagement! But what happens if she falls for her baby’s father…?His Proposal, Their Forever by Melissa McCloneWhen property mogul Justin McMillian tells artist Bailey Cole he’ll be demolishing her studio, she’s determined to stand her ground and resist the millionaire’s charms. But is Justin staking his claim on more than just her gallery?

    In the Royal's Bed

    Marion Lennox

    Wanted: Royal Wife and MotherFor five years Kelly has been separated from her son, the heir to the Alp de Ciel throne. With her estranged husband’s death, they can finally be reunited – but first she must return to the palace and meet the dangerously tempting Prince Regent, Rafael de Boutaine.Cinderella: Hired by the PrinceWhen gorgeous stranger Ramón offers sensible chef Jenny a job on his yacht, she can’t refuse his offer of adventure. But nothing could have prepared her for Ramón’s revelation once they’re at sea: that he’s not a humble yachtsman, but a secret prince!A Royal Marriage of ConvenienceInternational lawyer Nikolai de Montez has discovered that he’s heir to the throne of Alp de Montez – yet, to claim his title, he must marry Rose McCray. And after a sumptuous ceremony a match of duty begins to evolve into a marriage of desire…

    Love Story Next Door!

    Rebecca Winters

    Cinderella On His DoorstepDana Lofgren is determined to find the ideal location for her father’s new film – and finally make him proud. She knows Château Belles Fleurs in France would be perfect…she just needs to convince Alex, the château’s very attractive owner!Mr Right, Next Door!Financial executive Sophie is a workaholic. But her gorgeous neighbour Grant is about to teach her how to live for the moment. The ex-architect knows that if he can persuade Sophie to let loose, the moments they share together could be life-changing!Soldier on Her DoorstepSoldier Alex promised his dying comrade he’d look after his wife and daughter. Alex was prepared for tears, but not for the beautiful woman who answered the door – or the little girl hiding behind her. Could Lisa and Lilly help to heal this hero’s heart?