Having His Child. Amy J. Fetzer

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Название Having His Child
Автор произведения Amy J. Fetzer
Жанр Контркультура
Серия Mills & Boon Desire
Издательство Контркультура
Год выпуска 0
isbn 9781408941737

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      Friend. Nanny. Stand-In Bride.

      When a man needs the touches only a woman can provide…

      he turns to Wife, Inc.

      “This Child Is Yours.”

      A half-dozen emotions passed over Lucas’s features. Shock, wonder, pleasure, then fear. “We’ll get married right away.”

      Angela scoffed. “I’m not marrying you because of a baby. I had planned all along to raise my child alone.”

      “Our child.” His eyes narrowed. “That’s my child inside you.” A little burst of joy skipped through him at his own words, surprising him to the core. “I have rights.”

      “Oh, no, you don’t. And you don’t have to be in this child’s life.”

      Anger exploded in his features. “Surely you don’t think I wouldn’t admit to my own child! Since when have you thought so little of me?”

      “Since I knew I was the only one in love in this relationship,” Angela said, then ran out the door.

      Lucas stared at the empty doorway, then bolted after her. If Angela thought he was going to accept this “I can do this alone” garbage, she was in for a big surprise….

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      Having His Child

      Amy J. Fetzer

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      was born in New England and raised all over the world. She uses her own experiences in creating the characters and settings for her novels. Married more than twenty years to a United States Marine and the mother of two sons, Amy covets the moments when she can curl up with a cup of cappuccino and a good book.


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      “You can get pregnant any time, Angela.” Her doctor looked up from the test results and smiled across the desk. “You’re in perfect health, ready for the procedure.”

      A little quiver of excitement pulsed through her, then calmed. “I know these donors are screened, but how exactly?” Angela said. She wondered exactly what kind of man donated his sperm for artificial insemination.

      “Each donor is tested for disease, abnormal chromosomes, and catalogued by physical characteristics, hereditary traits.” Dr. McNair gestured to the booklets, brochures and forms on her lap. “Those will tell you all you need to know.”

      Yeah, she thought, and how expensive. Each procedure would cost her a tidy sum. And if it took more than two or three, she was looking at some serious debts.

      “Are you certain about this, Angela?”

      She looked at Joyce, her doctor since she was eighteen, and smiled at the older woman. “Oh, yes.” She wanted a baby, a house full of them, and her impatience came from Lord knew where, but it was there. Maybe because she’d turn thirty in a couple of days, and the marriageable men weren’t making a beeline to her front door. Or that her sisters were all having kids, and being a doting aunt wasn’t enough anymore. Yet it was her job as a late-night radio personality that kept her out of the normal time frame to meet many men. She was asleep when most were awake, and working when people were crawling into bed.

      “Well, then, when you make an appointment with the specialist,” Dr. McNair said, bringing her out of her thoughts, “I’ll fax your records over to Dr. Bashore. She’s had very successful results.”

      “That’s what I’m hoping for.” Angela stood, said good-bye and left the office. She walked through the hospital clinic and out into the main hall. She moved quickly, guiltily hoping to get out of the hospital before Lucas knew she was here and she was forced to lie. Lie, because she was not going to tell him. At least not until she was pregnant. He wouldn’t understand her choices, she knew. Her best friend of fifteen years had a real problem with mothers without fathers. And intentionally getting pregnant without a husband would send him straight through the roof.

      Because he’d been the boy without a father and abandoned by his mother during his adolescence. When she’d met him, he’d been ashamed and embarrassed that his parents didn’t love him enough to want him and hid the fact behind a tough exterior that took patience to crack.