Комбат. Смертельная битва. Андрей Воронин

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Название Комбат. Смертельная битва
Автор произведения Андрей Воронин
Жанр Боевики: Прочее
Серия Комбат
Издательство Боевики: Прочее
Год выпуска 2011
isbn 978-985-16-9782-9

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      A whole new playing field of passion

      Fiery newscaster Angela Kelly wants nothing more than to take the Windy City by storm. But with her show’s dangerously low ratings, she stands to lose everything. The pressure is on to save her career, and a tantalizing exposé on wickedly sexy professional baseball player Demetri Morretti might be her last shot. That is, if she can handle the irresistible desire brewing between them….

      Demetri sets out to teach the sensual broadcaster a lesson, and doesn’t think twice about trying to seduce her. And then a secret about Angela’s past is revealed. Now Demetri is determined to gain her trust and prove to her there’s more to him than just his playboy status. Because when it comes to love, he always plays to win.

      “So all those tabloid stories about

      you dating various Hollywood

      starlets are lies?”

      “There’s only one woman I’m feeling right now. She’s a tenacious TV newscaster with beautiful eyes and a gorgeous smile, but unfortunately she thinks I’m a complete jerk.” Demetri bent his head low and dropped his mouth to her ear. “Don’t know if I can change her perception of me, but I’m going to try. Starting right now…”

      Then Demetri covered her mouth with his lips.

      Stunned, Angela felt her eyes widen and her breath catch in her throat. She couldn’t describe the feelings that washed over her when their lips touched. The urgency, the hunger and the passion of his kiss overwhelmed her. His caress was tender, his hands soft and his lips the best thing she’d ever had the pleasure of tasting. Using his tongue, he parted her lips and eagerly explored every inch of her mouth.


      has a bachelor’s degree in Christian education. Her love for African-American fiction prompted her to pursue a career in writing romance. When she’s not working on her latest novel, this busy wife, mother and teacher is watching basketball, cooking or planning her next vacation. Pamela lives in Alberta, Canada, with her gorgeous husband and adorable but mischievous son and daughter.


      by the Playboy

      Pamela Yaye

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      Dear Reader,

      I’ve had the Morretti brothers—Demetri, Nicco and Rafael—in my mind for years (don’t tell my husband!), so I’m thrilled about Seduced by the Playboy, the first book in the Morretti Millionaires series. Their parents, Arturo and Vivica Morretti, are a dynamic couple who’ve raised three successful, drop-dead sexy sons oozing with charm, charisma and killer swag. I look forward to you meeting the Morretti brothers and the women who fall head over heels for them.

      The youngest of the brood, Demetri Morretti, is every woman’s dream, but Angela Kelly’s worst nightmare. When the baseball superstar and the tenacious news reporter meet, sparks fly, but after their explosive argument at WJN-TV goes viral, Angela is more determined than ever to keep her distance from the surly baseball player with the massive ego. Unfortunately, Demetri has other plans!

      Nicco Morretti, one of Demetri’s brothers, makes a cameo in this book, and once I “met” the famed restaurateur at the grand opening of his restaurant, Dolce Vita Chicago, I knew I had to write his story next. I love watching strong, independent women tame bad boys, and I have a feeling you will, too. Look for Seduced by the CEO next month.

      I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to hear from readers, so drop me a line at [email protected], find me on Facebook or visit my website, Thanks for the support. Happy reading, and be blessed.

      With love,

      Pamela Yaye

      Odidison and Yaye Family: I love you more than anything in the world, and I feel incredibly blessed to have all of you in my life. Thank you for your unconditional love and support.

      Sha-Shana Crichton: Can you believe Seduced by the Playboy is our fifteenth Mills & Boon Kimani Romance novel? Thanks for believing in me and my gift when no else did. You are the BEST agent a girl could ask for, and I predict even greater things in our future.

      Shannon Criss: I appreciate all of the hard work you’ve done on the Morretti Millionaires series. Thanks for getting behind this project and for giving me the creative freedom to write the family miniseries of my dreams! :)

      The Mills & Boon Kimani Marketing Team: You guys rock! You create the best book covers in the business, and I couldn’t be happier with the Morretti Millionaires series. Keep up the good work!!!


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