Reunited...And Pregnant. Joss Wood

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Название Reunited...And Pregnant
Автор произведения Joss Wood
Жанр Современные любовные романы
Издательство Современные любовные романы
Год выпуска 0
isbn 9781474061155

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      She’s pregnant...and working with her ex!

      PR whiz Cady Collins’s personal and professional lives both desperately need a reboot. So when millionaire Beckett Ballantyne decides to rebrand his company, Cady is determined to land the job. The only complication is her romantic history with her devilishly handsome boss, whose smoldering blue-eyed gaze still makes her swoon. And the only complication with that is the fact she’s already pregnant!

      Beck doesn’t mind that he’s not the baby’s father—he only knows he burns for the mom-to-be. But when a media misunderstanding leads to a fake engagement, will Beck end the Valentine’s Day charade or play for keeps?

      Reunited...and Pregnant is part of The Ballantyne Billionaires series.

      Beckett stepped into her personal space.

      Her heart bounced off her rib cage and her stomach felt like it was taking a roller-coaster ride, but she’d be damned if she’d let Beck see how much his hot, hard body affected her.

      Beck smiled, lifted a hand and rested the tip of his index finger in the V of her throat. “Your pulse is trying to burst through your skin.”

      Dammit. Damned pulse. Heart, stop beating.

      Beck’s hot fingertip ran up the side of her throat until he reached her jaw. “God, your eyes. My memory didn’t do them justice. Silver and green all contained in a ring of emerald.”

      Cady swallowed and shook her head. “Don’t do this, Beckett.”

      “I think I have to,” Beckett replied, the heat of his hand scalding her jaw. His other hand grasped her hip and he pulled her into him.

      Beck’s lips were pure magic as his mouth took possession of hers. Cady felt his hand cup her right butt cheek and he launched her up into his muscular body. She closed her eyes, not quite believing that he was holding her, that his mouth was on hers. It felt like it belonged there, as if she’d been created to be kissed by him. Beck kissed like he owned her, like she was—just for this moment in time—still his.

      * * *

      Reunited...and Pregnant is part of The Ballantyne Billionaires series: A family who has it all...except love!

      Reunited...and Pregnant

      Joss Wood

      JOSS WOOD loves books and traveling—especially to the wild places of southern Africa. She has the domestic skills of a potted plant and drinks far too much coffee.

      Joss has written for Mills & Boon KISS, Mills & Boon Presents and, most recently, the Mills & Boon Desire line. After a career in business, she now writes full-time. Joss is a member of the Romance Writers of America and Romance Writers of South Africa.

      To the reader: thank you for spending

      your precious time with my characters.



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      In Bangkok International Airport, Beckett Ballantyne, his booted feet resting on his backpack, looked across the row of seats to Cady and smiled. Her eyes were closed, her lips moving as she silently sang along to whatever she was listening to via the new pair of earbuds she’d bought in Pantip Plaza yesterday.

      A light green bandeau held her long, deep brown hair off her face and turned her wintry eyes a light green. Sitting with her heels on the seat of her chair and wearing denim shorts, a white tank and beaded bracelets, she looked exactly like what she was: a sexy backpacker seeing the world.

      With that half smile on her face, the flirt of a dimple in her cheek, she would make anyone looking at her envious of her freedom, jealous of her next adventure.

      She was young, gorgeous and adventurous and, no one, Beck was certain, would suspect that she was utterly miserable.

      Not with him. They were, as far as he knew, perfectly fine for a couple who’d met and run off to South East Asia together within a month of meeting at an off-campus party in New York. Technically, since his trip was planned, she’d run off, choosing to spend the long summer holidays after freshman year traveling with him.

      Her staid, conservative, churchy parents had freaked.

      Beck glanced at the phone in her hand and he wondered how many emails and voice messages they’d left, begging her to come home. How many tears would she shed this time? How long would it take her to come out of the funk their recriminations tossed her into?

      In Beckett’s mind it was psychological torture, and her parents just kept up the pressure. She was wasting her life;