Wild Montana. Danica Winters

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Название Wild Montana
Автор произведения Danica Winters
Жанр Зарубежные детективы
Издательство Зарубежные детективы
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      Have a former FBI agent and a park ranger met their match in the wilds of Montana?

      With a mysterious death to solve in Glacier National Park, Customs and Border Patrol agent Casper Lawrence must come up with motive, means, opportunity—and a killer. If he doesn’t crack this case by the book, the former FBI agent on strike two will be out. Teamed with a beautiful park ranger, the cowboy agent with the gritty past has to trust sexy lone wolf Alexis Finch. But as their investigation takes them through dangerous terrain and an outlaw motorcycle club’s turf, Casper will do anything to keep Alexis—and what they’ve ignited—alive.

      “What’s going on, Casper?” Alexis asked.

      “Nothing,” Casper said, but his eyes were dark.

      “Don’t lie to me. What’s wrong?”

      He glanced over at her and took off his cowboy hat, then set it on the dashboard. He ran his hands over his face and through his hair in exasperation. “I just think it’s going to be better if you get away from all this—this investigation.”

      “What happened?” she asked, trying to stop the hurt from leaking out into her voice.

      All she had been trying to do for the past two days was solve this so they both could get their jobs done. Now, after a strange meeting with the Canadian Mounties, she was on the outs. It didn’t make sense.

      “You didn’t do anything, Lex. I promise.”

      She tried to remind herself they were only friends, and maybe barely that. Sure, they had shared the kiss in the woods, but ever since they had gotten caught he had barely been able to look at her.

      “Is this because of what happened…you know, back there?” She motioned in the direction they’d come from.

      But she was sure he knew exactly what she was talking about.

      Wild Montana

      Danica Winters


      DANICA WINTERS is a multiple award-winning, bestselling author who writes books that grip readers with their ability to drive emotion through suspense and occasionally a touch of magic. When she’s not working, she can be found in the wilds of Montana, testing her patience while she tries to hone her skills at various crafts—quilting, pottery and painting are not her areas of expertise. She believes the cup is neither half-full nor half-empty, but it better be filled with wine. Visit her website at www.danicawinters.net.

      To Lane—

      You work miracles.


      This book wouldn’t have been possible without the help of

      my fans. Thank you for taking a moment out of your lives to leave a review, come to book signings and send me notes, cookies and even the occasional bottle of vodka. You inspire me to keep writing when the going gets tough. Thank you.



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      Seven. Most people thought the number was lucky. He’d even thought it had been lucky. This was supposed to be his seventh trip, the last run of the season, the last cleanup before he could head to Mexico and lie on the beach for the winter. Señoritas, sunshine, cervezas...everything he needed to be happy.

      Yet now as he stared down the predator, he could have sworn seven was a curse.

      The grizzly hopped on its front legs like a dog ready to play,