Just A Memory Away. Helen Myers R.

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Название Just A Memory Away
Автор произведения Helen Myers R.
Жанр Современные любовные романы
Издательство Современные любовные романы
Год выпуска 0

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      Table of Contents

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       Dear Reader

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      “Johnny, Don’t Kiss Me.”

      Before he could misunderstand, Francesca rushed on. “I want you to kiss me, but don’t, because if you do, I’m gonna do something crazy, and I can’t do anything crazy because I have to go to work.”


      He did draw back, but the look he gave her left her as feverish as he’d been. “Maybe you should throw me out of here. I can’t seem to resist touching you.”


      “Maybe that’s why I can’t throw you out, Johnny. No one’s ever found it a problem to resist me before.”


      “Ah, sweetheart…” He took hold of her hand and placed an ardent kiss in her palm. “Don’t tell me things like that. It puts even crazier ideas in my head than are already there.”

      Dear Reader,

      Welcome to the wonderful world of Silhouette Desire! This month, look for six scintillating love stories. I know you’re going to enjoy them all. First up is The Beauty, the Beast and the Baby, a fabulous MAN OF THE MONTH from Dixie Browning. It’s also the second book in her TALL, DARK AND HANDSOME miniseries.

      The exciting SONS AND LOVERS series also continues with Leanne Banks’s Ridge: The Avenger. This is Leanne’s first Silhouette Desire, but she certainly isn’t new to writing romance. This month, Desire has Husband: Optional, the next installment of Marie Ferrarella’s THE BABY OF THE MONTH CLUB. Don’t worry if you’ve missed earlier titles in this series, because this book “stands alone.” And it’s so charming and breezy you’re sure to just love it!

      The WEDDING BELLES series by Carole Buck is completed with Zoe and the Best Man. This series just keeps getting better and better, and Gabriel Flynn is one scrumptious hero. Next is Kristin James’ Desire, The Last Groom on Earth, a delicious opposites-attract story written with Kristin’s trademark sensuality.

      Rounding out the month is an amnesia story (one of my favorite story twists), Just a Memory Away, by award-winning author Helen R. Myers.

      And next month, we’re beginning CELEBRATION 1000, a very exciting, ultraspecial three-month promotion celebrating the publication of the 1000th Silhouette Desire. During April, May and June, look for books by some of your most beloved writers, including Mary Lynn Baxter, Annette Broadrick, Joan Johnston, Cait London, Ann Major and Diana Palmer, who is actually writing book #1000! These will be months to remember, filled with “Tceepers.”

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      Just a Memory Away

      Helen R. Myers



      satisfies her preference for a reclusive life-style by living deep in the Piney Woods of East Texas with her husband, Robert, and—because they were there first— the various species of four-legged and winged creatures that wander throughout their ranch. To write has been her lifelong dream, and to bring a slightly different flavor to each book is an ongoing ambition.


      Admittedly restless, she thinks that helps her writing, explaining, “It makes me reach for new territory and experiment with old boundaries.” In 1993 the Romance Writers of America awarded Navarrone the prestigious RITA award for Best Short Contemporary Novel of the Year.

      For Pam Williams


      a special friend “Down Under”


      with love and thanks to you and the family for the friendship and the laughter


      He’d been driving for hours since he’d stopped in Oklahoma City for lunch, and the miles were beginning to take their toll on him, along with the strain of driving in the dark. Unable to conclude whether his eyes or his butt ached more, he scowled at the green-and-white road sign that became visible on his right. According to it, he still had another ninety-minutes-plus of torture ahead of him before he reached Houston.

      Hell. The fuel gauge indicated the car was getting seriously low on gas again, and he couldn’t wait much longer before stretching his legs. But except for the out-of-the-way filling station he’d noticed advertised behind that mileage sign, the next major rest stop was a good twenty miles down the road. He doubted the car had that much gas left in it. It served him right for