From Single Mum to Secret Heiress. KRISTI GOLD

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Название From Single Mum to Secret Heiress
Автор произведения KRISTI GOLD
Жанр Современные любовные романы
Издательство Современные любовные романы
Год выпуска 0

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      He faced her again, caught her hand and placed the card in her palm. “In case you change your mind and decide to spend a few days as my guest in Cheyenne.”

      Oh, how tempting that would be. But... “I would have to ask my friend Gina if Cassie could stay with her. And I’d have to suspend my job search, even though that’s not going anywhere right now.” Funny, she sounded as if she was actually considering it.

      He took a brief look around before he leaned over and brushed a kiss across her lips. “If you do decide to come, don’t worry about calling. Just surprise me and show up.”

      With that, he strode through the living room and out the door, leaving Hannah standing in the kitchen in a semi-stupor until reality finally set in. Then she snatched up the cordless phone and pounded out a number on her way to the bedroom, where she closed the door. As soon as she heard the familiar hello, she said the only thing she could think to say.

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