What Doctors Don’t Tell You. Lynne McTaggart

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Название What Doctors Don’t Tell You
Автор произведения Lynne McTaggart
Жанр Медицина
Издательство Медицина
Год выпуска 0
isbn 9780007374168

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      The truth about the dangers of modern medicine




      Every illness and every patient is unique. This book is intended as a source of information only. Readers are urged to work in partnership with a qualified, experienced practitioner before undertaking (or refraining from) any treatments listed in these pages.

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       Praise for What Doctors Don’t Tell You

      ‘This groundbreaking book … has potential to save lives. Stunning stuff!’ Kathryn Marsden, author of The Food Combining Diet

      ‘A hugely impressive book, and the finest critique of modern medical practice I have yet read. Lynne McTaggart takes a scalpel straight to the heart of medicine’s most cherished dogmas. Essential reading …’ Peter Cox, health campaigner and bestselling author


      ‘A mine of subversive information … irresistibly argued. Lynne McTaggart is a very big thorn in the side of the medical propaganda machine.’ Dr Keith Mumby, allergy specialist and author of The Allergy Handbook

      ‘Introduces some welcome sanity by its critical appraisal of the value of many diagnostic and treatment procedures, especially the unbelievable escalation in the use of symptom-suppressive drugs. Excellent, stimulating … and a thoroughly good read.’ Dr John Mansfield, former President of the British Society for Allergy and Environmental Medicine


      ‘Extremely provocative and meticulously researched … should be part of the medical cabinet in every household in this country. I have long admired Lynne McTaggart’s pioneering spirit, vision and courage, and this book exemplifies it.’ Kitty Campion, practitioner and author


      ‘A courageous book! I congratulate Lynne McTaggart on her passion, research and indefatigable efforts to bring information to the public that can help people to take control of their own lives.’ Leslie Kenton, broadcaster and bestselling author


      ‘This book dispels so many harmful medical myths and gives people back the freedom of informed choice. Essential reading for those facing medical intervention.’ Patrick Holford, director of the Institute for Optimum Nutrition

      Praise for Lynne McTaggart’s newsletter What Doctors Don’t Tell You

      ‘What Doctors … has an impressive track record for alerting readers to potential problems …’ Women’s Journal

      ‘Information that is scientific yet easy for parents to digest is sparse … What Doctors Don’t Tell You provides much damning evidence.’ Guardian

      ‘Every month What Doctors Don’t Tell You … rings the alarm bells on procedures well before they become the stuff of national panic.’ Observer

      ‘What Doctors Don’t Tell You … brings together unpublicised medical information.’ Independent

      ‘What Doctors Don’t Tell You has easy to read and up to date reports on drug side effects.’ Daily Mail

      ‘A voice in the silence.’ The Times

      Praise from her readers

      ‘Well done with all your efforts to educate, inform, guide and empower people to be active carers and protectors of their own health. Keep the momentum growing and growing.’ I. L., Suffolk


      ‘An excellent, compelling and informative read. It should be essential reading for everyone!’ E.W., East Sussex


      ‘I had a reasonable knowledge of the possible pitfalls of drug therapy, but your wide-ranging, well-written and easy-to-understand information has heightened my awareness of this most important subject and you are performing a much-needed and vital service to us all.’ M. G., Bedfordshire


      ‘As a medical doctor, I am really pleased with What Doctors … and the special work you are doing.’ Dr M. S., Beirut

      ‘Several years ago I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis … A chance discussion put me on the track of your newsletter, which linked MS-type symptoms with the Pill I’d been taking. Had I listened to my GP and neurologist, I would probably be in a wheelchair. Thank you, What Doctors Don’t Tell You, for saving my life.’ D. J., Norfolk

      ‘Recently, my mother-in-law was diagnosed with breast cancer. I cannot tell you how encouraging your newsletter was to the whole family … She is faring well and confident she is making the right decisions thanks to your timely advice.’ J. B., Jersey


      ‘Instead of suffering from asthma, unwillingly forced into the last-ditch resort of taking steroids in order to have any sort of liveable life, I am virtually free of it and, to boot, have lost a surplus two stone. This is all attributable to your informative publications.’ M.B.C.P.-B., Cornwall


      ‘After a wonderful uncomplicated start in life, my baby contracted whooping cough. Thank you, WDDTY, for putting together so much information. It was you and your publication which put me on the path of being informed. My son made a full recovery. I will be for ever indebted.’ Janet, Berkshire