Harry Potter and the Cursed Child – Parts One and Two. Дж. К. Роулинг

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Название Harry Potter and the Cursed Child – Parts One and Two
Автор произведения Дж. К. Роулинг
Жанр Драматургия
Серия Harry Potter
Издательство Драматургия
Год выпуска 2016
isbn 978-1-78110-552-8

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sits down beside SCORPIUS.


      I thought you’d send an owl…


      I couldn’t work out what to say.


      And now I don’t know what to say…


      Say nothing.


      Is there anything…


      Come to the funeral.


      Of course.


      And be my good friend.

      And suddenly the SORTING HAT is centre stage and we’re back in the Great Hall.


      Are you afraid of what you’ll hear?

      Afraid I’ll speak the name you fear?

      Not Slytherin! Not Gryffindor!

      Not Hufflepuff! Not Ravenclaw!

      Don’t worry, child, I know my job,

      You’ll learn to laugh, if first you sob.

      Lily Potter. GRYFFINDOR!






      Did you really think she’d come to us? Potters don’t belong in Slytherin.


      This one does.

      As he tries to melt into the background, the other students laugh. He looks up at them all.

      I didn’t choose, you know that? I didn’t choose to be his son.

      ACT ONE



      HERMIONE sits with piles of paper in front of her in HARRY’s messy office. She is slowly sorting through it all, reading and trying to understand. HARRY enters in a rush. He is bleeding from a graze on his cheek. HERMIONE looks up beadily.


      How did it go?

      HARRY (smiles)

      It was true.


      Theodore Nott?


      In custody.


      And the Time-Turner itself?

      HARRY reveals the Time-Turner. It shines out alluringly. HERMIONE is amazed to see it.

      Is it genuine? Does it work? It’s not just an Hour-Reversal Turner – it goes back further?


      We don’t know anything yet. I wanted to try it out there and then but wiser heads prevailed.


      Well, now we have it.


      And you’re sure you want to keep it?


      I don’t think we’ve a choice. Look at it. It’s entirely different to the Time-Turner I had.

      HARRY (dryly)

      Apparently wizardry has moved on since we were kids.


      You’re bleeding.

      HARRY checks his face in the mirror. He dabs at the wound with his robes.

      Don’t worry, it’ll go with the scar.

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