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    Butterfly Soup

    Nancy Pinard

    Why Now?Rose Forrester was too old to be lying on her car's front seat spying on her first love. She even had a husband and a teenage daughter waiting for her at home. But Rob MacIntyre's return had just turned her world upside down. Seventeen years ago he'd been the town's golden boy and she'd been amazed that he'd even noticed her. Well, he'd done a lot more than notice….Now she has to tell her husband some hard truths. As she copes with the unfolding drama, Rose discovers she's not the only one in her family hiding things. Even the family dog has prior baggage. And Rose realizes that she, too, must let go of her secret so she can finally test her wings….

    Burning Up

    Sarah Mayberry

    Somebody get some ice. . . it's steamy in here!Spending a month as personal chef for an overindulged–and mouthwatering–man? Sophie Gallagher is so up for the challenge. She's immune to charm. . . or so she thinks. Because when big-screen star Lucas Grant turns up the temptation, she discovers–up close and personal–he's earned the name hottest man alive.Sophie is fun, vivacious and couldn't be further from Lucas's bimbo bombshell type. Much to his surprise, she's captivated him. But as sizzling as they are between the sheets, once his hiatus is over, the credits will roll on this fling. Saying goodbye, however, isn't as easy as he'd thought.Will this production be The End of the Affair. . . or Love Actually?

    Burning Secrets

    Elizabeth Sinclair

    Forest ranger Jesse Kingston is more comfortable with wild things than people.But his secret pain won't stop him from returning home to uncover the mystery behind his best friend's fiery death. Even if it means dealing with the woman carrying his friend's baby…. Karen Ellis has her own reason for coming to town–Jesse.Her unborn child has the right to know the truth about its father's death, and only Jesse can help her learn it. But their investigation is stoking some dangerous embers–and igniting a firestorm of desire that not even the darkest of secrets can put out.

    Burning Love

    Debra Cowan

    From the desk of Terra August Investigating the death of former fire investigator Harris Vaughn – my mentor and friend – has been tough, especially since we'd had dinner together only hours before his murder. There are a lot of suspects, which means I'm forced to spend time with cynical Jack Spencer – oh, what a hardship! – a ruggedly handsome, by-the-book detective with sad eyes and a sexy smile he rarely shows while he's working on Harris's murder.Meanwhile, I'm tracking a serial arsonist. The really strange thing is, I've gotten flowers after every fire. Could my secret admirer be a killer…and could the man I've begun falling for be the next target?

    Buried Secrets

    Margaret Daley

    Hidden treasure? Fresh from her grandfather's funeral, Maggie Somers was shocked to find his home–all she had left of him–ransacked. What wasn't so shocking was that a Collier stood among the wreckage. Maggie had grown up hearing all about the Collier clan–liars and thieves who couldn't be trusted. Yet Zach Collier asked Maggie to have faith in him, to put their feud and their families' to rest.His grandfather had also recently passed away. Zach was sure the man–like Maggie's grandfather–had been murdered for something hidden among his possessions. Something Zach and Maggie had to uncover before they became targets.

    Bulletproof Hearts

    Brenda Harlen

    Assistant D.A. Natalie Vaughn came to Fairweather to build a better life for her son and erase the mistakes of her past. All she wanted was a fresh start–she had no desire for danger or romance. Until Lieutenant Dylan Creighton walked into her office.The sexy, blue-eyed cop had only one goal: to bring down the leader of the local crime syndicate, the man responsible for destroying his family. His attraction to the beautiful attorney was a distraction he couldn't allow–until she stumbled onto a murder scene and placed herself in the line of fire. Forced to stay close to protect Natalie, his feelings–and hers–soon gave way to passion. And only then did they realize that the greatest danger they faced might be falling in love.

    Buffalo Summer

    Nadia Nichols

    Brittle Bondage

    Anne Mather

    Breaking Free

    Loreth White Anne

    Aussie cop Dylan Hastings believes in things that are real. Family. Integrity. Justice. And he knows from bitter experience that the wrong woman can destroy it all. So when Megan Stafford walks into his life–a gorgeous urbanite who represents everything Dylan opposes–he knows trouble's not far behind.Megan can't understand why she's so attracted to this infuriating man–even if he could double as a Greek god. She's a city girl. He's a country cop. And their attraction only reminds them why they shouldn't be together. Now, immersed in a battle of wills and desire, Dylan and Megan are tempted to break their own rules!

    Branded Hearts

    Diana Hall

    KIT O'SHANE WOULD NEVER SURRENDER Her quest for justice came before any chance at love, even if that chance was with rancher Garret Blaine, a man she wanted with a wildfire intensity that rivaled the desert sun!GARRET BLAINE HAD MET HIS MATCHWhen Kit O'Shane rode onto his ranch and proved she could bust a bronc as well as any man, Garret knew he was lost. She'd stolen his heart like a thief in the night, and now that she had it… he was never going to let her go.