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Expecting Thunder's Baby

Sheri WhiteFeather

Years after tragedy had torn them apart, Carrie Lipton was suddenly face-to-face with Thunder Trueno…and as attracted to him as ever.Thunder wanted her out of his system, a few weeks to defuse the passion between them. How could she dare refuse? After tumbling back into bed with her ex, Carrie found herself pregnant. Thunder demanded they marry but she feared their tumultuous history would only repeat itself. How could she dare accept?

Everything but a Husband

Karen Templeton

At thirty-one, widow Galen Granata was a veteran of such an unhappy marriage that she had never dared to long for what every woman dreamed of. Like a man to love… and children. So she' d built a wall around herself that no one had even tried to penetrate.Until Del Farentino. And then Galen found herself face-to-face with the enormously attractive widower– and his deaf little girl. Wendy might not be able to talk in the conventional way, but she– and her sexy single father– were speaking to Galen in a way that no one else ever had. Could she find the courage to accept everything they offered?

Espresso In The Morning

Dorie Graham

The last thing Claire Murphy wants is a man in her life. Things work best with just her and her son, Grey, a solid team of two.Yes, some days are chaotic, but she's confident Grey doesn't know why she needs that chaos–until he brings home the local café owner, Lucas Williams, to help. How could Grey? Having someone as good-looking as Lucas around doesn't feel right.Or does it? It turns out there's more to Lucas than the ability to brew a great cup of coffee. And sure, she knows she's benefiting from his knowledge about recovering from trauma. But she also knows that she's falling for Lucas and she's not sure she's ready for that!

English Doctor, Italian Bride

Carol Marinelli

Honourable English doctor, fiery Italian nurse Six years ago English consultant Hugh Armstrong was welcomed into the Azetti family when he was far from home – and unwittingly stole the heart of their youngest daughter, Bonny. Hugh, realising that taking her was no way to repay the family’s kindness, retreated quickly back to England.Now Hugh is not only the heart-throb of the emergency department, he is also nurse Bonny’s boss! She seems more out of bounds than ever, but his desire to help Bonny through her father’s illness only makes their bond and their passion stronger.Can Hugh finally make her his once and for all?

Emmy And The Boss

Penny McCusker

He Always Gets What He Wants… Efficiency expert Emmy Jones plans everything down to the last detail. But when her fiancé dumps her–leaving her wedding list and orderly life in tatters–she wonders if she'll ever find someone to love. It certainly can't be the tall, dark, much too attractive stranger who's making a beeline for her table! And He Wants Her!Nick Porter needs Emmy to save his company. But who's going to save him from the adorable blonde with the flyaway curls who's keeping Nick's mind on anything but business? Behind Emmy's clipboard and stopwatch is a woman who wants the same things he does. She just doesn't know it yet!

Egan Cassidy's Kid


ONLY ONCE HAD HE LET DOWN HIS GUARD…Years ago, rock-solid mercenary Egan Cassidy had spent a night of sensual ecstacy with Maggie Douglas. Now, their son–a child he never knew existed–was being used as ammunition by a vendetta-seeking madman…and Egan was the target. But running to his son's rescue put him face-to-face with the one woman who'd tempted him into vulnerability. He would have to withstand Maggie's allure this time. He was a soldier of fortune–not a husband. But when Egan delivered mother and child to safety's embrace, could he let his newfound family leave his loving arms?THE PROTECTORSReady to lay their lives on the line, but unprepared for the power of love.

Duel In The Sun

Sally Wentworth

Shall I describe the kind of man I think you would go for? «You can't. He doesn't exist,» Catriona said lightly. «Not even in your imagination, in your dreams?» Lucas Kane was a difficult man to work for. To say that he didn't suffer fools gladly was an understatement. And Catriona had wanted to get on one of Kane's famous archaeological adventures so badly that she'd lied about her qualifications.That was her first mistake. Her second mistake was thinking that Lucas cared about anything except his work. She dreaded to think of the kind of job description Lucas Kane's wife would have. It would probably involve moving mountains and other such feats.But he wasn' the only one who had high standards. The man of her dreams would be… well, unfortunately for Catriona, he'd be Lucas Kane!

Dr Velascos' Unexpected Baby

Dianne Drake

Enter into the world of high-flying Doctors as they navigate the pressures of modern medicine and find escape, passion, comfort and love – in each other’s arms!Single Dad: Wife and Mother Needed Dr Arabella Burke has come to Peru to establish a much-needed medical centre. Warmly welcomed by the community, the only unwelcome distraction is her instant attraction to world-class surgeon Gabriel Velascos…Gabriel never planned on coming home, returning only to care for his orphaned baby niece. Arabella meant to keep her distance, but the sight of the powerful surgeon cradling his tiny orphaned niece melts Arabella’s resolve not to imagine a future with Gabriel and his adorable charge…

Down Home Carolina Christmas

Pamela Browning

As Different As Oil And Water!Allowing a movie crew to take over her gas station in Yewville was a bad idea, and it never would have happened if Carrie Smith's home hadn't desperately needed a new roof. Then, along with the stretch limos, came Luke Mason and his Ferrari–a picture-perfect combo no small-town girl could resist.While the petite mechanic was pretending she thought everything about Hollywood and the sweet-talking charmer was phony, her prickly reserve was challenging Tinseltown's hottest property, and he wasn't going to give up. After all, women everywhere would die for his megawatt smile.Surely he hadn't fallen for the only woman who could do without it. No way would Christmas arrive without Carolina Rose Smith knowing just what the determined Luke Mason was all about!