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Uncovering Her Secrets

Amalie Berlin

Hiring her ex, the irresistible Dr Preston Monroe, is Dr Dasha Hardin’s secret atonement for her unforgiveable past…A plan suddenly complicated by his touch that still makes her heart zing! Preston must reluctantly trust Dasha and soon wants to discover more about this new feisty, vulnerable woman – the only woman with the strength to fight for his irredeemable soul…

Tycoon For Auction

Katherine Garbera

To-die-for executive Rand Pearson's time on the auction block was well spent, according to high bidder Corrine Martin.She needed an escort for company functions – no strings attached. This emotionally scarred woman had no time for men – even extremely wealthy and gorgeous ones – and never expected desire to waylay her best-laid plans. But then she felt Rand's lips on hers, his fervent hands on her body.Suddenly business took a back seat to fiery seduction. To Rand, Corrine was the only bright spot in a life darkened by a terrible secret. She'd agreed to an affair, but he wanted so much more. Could he persuade her to promote her «temp» to a permanent, lifelong position?

Two-Week Wife

Miranda Lee

Bedding Bianca…Adam had always been in love with Bianca, but his feelings weren't quite returned. Bianca did care for him, but as a best friend. His was the shoulder she'd cry on, and he never let her down… . Until the day Bianca confessed she'd told her mother they were married, and would Adam mind playing the role of her husband while her mom was in town? Adam minded a lot!Suddenly he was not the friend Bianca had always taken for granted. He'd turned into a ruthless stranger – who demanded that throughout their two-week «marriage» they share a bed!

Twice Upon Time

Nina Beaumont

A Long-Ago And Forbidden LoveThough Sarah Longford's days were marked by the sorrow of an ancient curse, her nights were filled with dreams of a life of privilege and passion. A life she had known in another time… and another body.Yet fate had allowed her to live again as the tempestuous Bianca, a woman who had sold herself in marriage, only to discover she had made a terrible mistake. And now it was up to her to prevent the bloodshed, and save the life of her beloved Alessio. Don't miss this fascinating tale!

Twice Her Husband

Mary Forbes J.

CAN TRUE LOVE STRIKE–TWICE?When Ginny Franklin returned as a widow to her Oregon hometown, her heart was shattered. Shattered like the home she' d left years ago. Shattered like her marriage with Luke Tucker, her first husband*#151;and first love.But this time Ginny had another man' s two beloved children at her side and nothing to lose. And nothing to gain.Except maybe her ex-husband.Brash and brainy, Luke had chosen a superstar law career over his wife years ago and lived to regret it. But now the woman he could never forget was back–with the family she' d always wanted. A family that wasn' t his. Yet…

Twice as Good

Alison Roberts

His Secret Twins! Practice Nurse Janet Muir left her feelings for Dr James McFadden, father of her precious twin sons, far behind when she began her new life at St David’s Practice.But moving halfway round the world from Scotland to New Zealand isn’t far enough – because Jamie suddenly shows up to work at St David’s! Jamie still blames Janet for their break-up. So how can she tell him about their adorable twins?

Twelfth Night Proposal

Karen Smith Rose

To love, or not to love?That is the question for widower Leo Montgomery, a boat designer who'd do anything to make his little .girl happy–except let himself fall for her sweet-faced nanny. Even if that nanny is staying in the bedroom riext door. And even if he can't keep khis mind off Verity Sumpter. Because beneath her drab clothes and plain-Jane glasses he senses there is a beautiful woman who could fill his heart with joy. And a woman who seems as wary of embracing love as he is. Still, can Leo find the courage to put a new spin on this beloved old play…?

Truth and Dare

Candace Havens

Forensic anthropologist Patience McGee doesn't play games. So when she offers to investigate the death of businessman Cade Randall's father from twenty years ago, Cade's ambivalence is nothing short of frustrating. Well, she'll show this mouthwateringly hot man exactly who he's dealing with….Cade had made up his mind to walk away from the case–until Patience dared him to help her investigate the murder. And as they immerse themselves in the mystery, it isn't long before the vibe between them goes from civil to sizzle. But what will happen when Cade and Patience realize that the most dangerous dare of all…is the truth?

Trusting A Stranger

Melinda Lorenzo Di

The sexiest fugitive aliveWanted for murder, Graham Calloway has hidden for years in a remote mountain cabin, desperate to find the killer who framed him. Keira Niles, too, is running from her shattered life when, during a blizzard, a mysterious, silent stranger pulls her from her wrecked car. Their sizzling attraction is instant; mutual trust is not. While Keira doubts Graham's innocence, Graham fears she'll expose him.Instead it's an unforeseen betrayal that threatens Keira, causing Graham to risk exposure—and his life—to rescue her and redeem himself. For the first time he wants a future…but will the killer let him have one?

Truly, Madly, Deeply

Elizabeth August

A WILLING WIFE?Sweet-natured Minerva Brodwick knew that Judd Graham would stop at nothing to protect his beloved little brood, but never had she imagined the protective father would go so far as to propose a marriage of convenience! Falling for his adorable little angels came naturally to the nanny-turned-newlywed…. Unfortunately, so did falling for their irresistable father.When Judd popped the question, he assumed he was immune to his blushing bride's charm. After all, he had vowed never to give his heart again. But every time he caught Minerva gazing up at him with such starry-eyed wonder, he felt compelled to make her his in every way. Could this gruffly tender family man actually be falling truly, madly, deeply in love?