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The Shroud

Dale Fowler

Dr. Royce Benders in the mid-eighties seems to have it all. A Nobel Prize winner on the cutting edge of the rapidly developing DNA field for criminology and human embryogenesis. But Benders' dream has nothing to do with fame or fortune. He is a devout Christian obsessed with the Second Coming and impatient to see it in his lifetime. The Catholic Church invites Dr. Benders to work on the Shroud of Turin to help devise a plan to save the rapidly deteriorating linen cloth that wrapped Jesus in the tomb after his crucifixion. Taking blood from the holiest of Christian artifacts, he returns to L.A. and inseminates several women in his in vitro clinic to hasten the Second Coming. Now these descendants of the Shroud are in their late twenties. What Dr. Benders successfully created brings the best of Heaven and the worst of Hell face-to-face.

Name Dropper: Investigating the Clark Rockefeller Mystery

Frank C. Girardot Jr.

Prepare to be shocked as the grisly details about the murder of San Marino computer geek John Sohus are revealed in Frank C. Girardot&#39;s new book, &quot;Name Dropper: Investigating the Clark Rockefeller Mystery.&quot; <br><br>Clark Rockefeller, the prime suspect in Sohus&#39; murder, may have been the last person to see him alive. Nine years after his death, Sohus&#39; bones were dug up in the backyard of the home he once shared with his wife Linda, whose whereabouts remain unknown.<br><br>Upon Rockefeller&#39;s arrest, Girardot began piecing together the convoluted tale in a series of articles for the Pasadena Star-News.<br><br>His research resulted in &quot;Name Dropper,&quot; which reveals inside information about the case Girardot says is the most fantastic he&#39;s seen in his 25 years as an investigative reporter.

Mardi Gras Madness

Ken Mask

While trying to free a lawyer friend convicted of a crime he didn&#39;t commit, New Orleans private investigator Luke Jacobs is drawn into an international web of real estate fraud, pharmaceutical corporation misdealing and murder. Mardi Gras may have to be put on hold.

Business Development and Marketing for Lawyers

Justin Grensing

Attorneys learn a lot in law school, but one important thing they don&#39;t learn much about is marketing. In today&#39;s opportunity-laden marketing environment attorneys have many outlets to choose from&ndash;which can be both a benefit and a challenge. This book provides an overview of marketing and its implications for attorneys in solo, small, mid-size or even large firm environments. <br><br>You will learn about the elements of the promotion mix, advantages and disadvantages of each; how to generate publicity and media coverage; the importance of your web site and how to maximize it for effectiveness; how to use social media effectively; developing marketing plans and best practices in business development and networking.<br><br>Importantly, this book offers a strategic approach to marketing focusing not on &quot;one-off&quot; tactics, but on developing strategies to drive desired outcomes. <br><br>The practical approach taken will provide you with many key takeaways and action items that you can immediately implement to grow your practice.

Chaos At the Crossroads: In the Beginning

William John Stapleton

In 2003 the then Prime Minister of Australia John Howard announced an inquiry into family law and joint custody, otherwise known as shared parenting, Family law was the country&#39;s single most controversial area of law. It was also the layperson&#39;s most common point of interaction with the legal and judicial system. The Family Court had been a source of individual pain and public controversy since its foundation in 1975. The announcement received front page coverage and delighted of father&#39;s groups nationwide. The Prime Minister declared that he was drawn to the notion of shared parenting, an issue on which the previously marginalized, disenfranchised and often ridiculed fathers&#39; groups had been campaigning on for years. The reform of family law was a tipping point issue. with an increasingly large body of disgruntled litigants and disenfranchised fathers, Australia&#39;s politicians faced a significant degree of discontent, anger and outrage from their constituents. 90 pages 26,000 words.

Chaos At the Crossroads: State Created Pain

William John Stapleton

Despite the heat the issue of divorce, separation and the welfare of children had been generating for decades, the Australian Government was slow to address family law reform. While more than a million children were listed with the Child Support Agency, an institution as roundly and profoundly despised as the Family Court itself, politicians were reluctant to move into such an emotionally charged and gendered arena. Finally, with an increasingly large number of disenchanted constituents, the government had little choice but to move. As one Member of Parliament said, the level of anger in the community was &quot;frightening&quot;.<br><br>The massive wave of supportive media following the then Prime Minister of Australia John Howard&#39;s announcement of an inquiry into joint custody in mid-June of 2003 demonstrated that Australia&#39;s wiliest conservative politicians had hit on a raw nerve. Whatever the faults and frustrations in the prolonged and frustrating path towards shared parenting that was to follow, the Inquiry itself produced solid evidence on the state of dysfunction prevailing in the courts and bureaucracies dealing with the more than 50,000 couples a year who had fallen out with each other; but not with their offspring.<br><br>No one reading the transcripts of the Inquiry, which conducted hearings around Australia and took hundreds of submissions, could be left under any illusion about the distress being caused by the prevailing sole-mother custody model.<br><br>This book traces the history of family law reform in Australia and its contentious treatment of non-custodial parents by the Family Court, usually but not always fathers, and documents its resistance to change despite the public odium in which Australia&#39;s Family Court is often held. What happened in Australia has relevance for fathers and campaigners for divorce reform around the world.<br><br>The series, which evolved out of what is now the world&#39;s longest running father&#39;s radio program Dads On The Air of which the author was a founding member, is the most complete record available of the prolonged push to change the nation&#39;s dysfunctional family law system.<br><br>This is the third book in the series Chaos At The Crossroads, which is the most definitive record ever published of the long struggle for family law reform by fathers and their sympathisers, as well as second families, grandparents and non-custodial mothers. The books are designed so they can be read separately or together. Others in the series include The Birth of Dads On The Air, Chaos at the Crossroads: In the Beginning, State Created Pain and The Final Days of Alastair Nicholson.<br><br>37,600 words.

Chaos At the Crossroads: The Birth of Dads On the Air

William John Stapleton

Dads On The Air, often shortened to DOTA, is a community radio program which began in western Sydney in August of 2000 with a small group of extremely disgruntled separated men who had no experience of radio and no resources. The author of Chaos at the Crossroads: The Birth of Dads On The Air, William John Stapleton, worked as a mainstream journalist and was the only one with any media experience.<br><br>The series of short books in the Chaos at the Crossroads series tell the story of the long struggle for family law reform in Australia, not just by separated fathers, their supporters and their lobby groups, but by grandparents and other family members cut out of children&#39;s lives by the discriminatory and destructive sole-custody model purveyed by the court.<br><br>Chaos also tells the story of how, from the humble beginnings of a disheveled group of disgruntled separated fathers, Dads On The Air became the world&#39;s most famous radio program dedicated to fatherhood issues. <br><br>The program evolved with the information revolution. The technology which would allow a small group of people with few resources to make available a weekly 90 minute radio program and give it the penetration and power it went on to achieve simply had not existed five years before. Dads On The Air has over time interviewed almost all the world&#39;s leading national and international activists, advocates, academics and authors.

Spy Land Women Play Me Season Two

Perry Ritthaler

The spy agency is Charlie&#39;s life however he is being challenged by Veronica for the big promotion to run the Spy Land agency. Charlie is the playboy stereo type James Bond with a beautiful girlfriend named Monique living in Sarasota Florida; and hopefully soon to be promoted to lead the Spy Land Agency office in Miami.<br><br>Charlie has had Phil as the same undercover partner for almost ten years. They know each others moves like the back of their hands. They were placed together in a team ten years ago under a special program designed by their Captain at the time. <br><br>His objective was to create a super cop combination covertly working together to solve the 911 terrorist attacks working with the assets of the Pentagon; placing two people with opposite backgrounds and thought behavior patterns on the same team. The objective of the operation was to develop two people designed to think as one person; left and right brain, thinking outside the box; and develop an undercover team combination that had Ivy League and street cop credentials. The goal of their captain was to go beyond the normal investigation and discover the roots behind the 911 attacks that led to the war in Afghanistan and Iraq.<br><br>Both men have done their time on the street fighting drug trafficking and prostitution and combine their efforts with a beautiful female black seal spy sent to them by the Pentagon.<br><br>Now they are all climbing the ladder of the Spy Land Agency as they head up a homeland defense anti-terrorism squad. One of their main tasks is to study a covert killer that is spy in Canada and gleam intelligence data from his international covert operations; they are forbidden to directly contact him or pay him for his expertise in creating anti-terrorism operations.<br><br>Charlie is a white skinned man and Phil is a dark skinned man, and together they spend their time connecting the dots discovering the roots behind 911 terrorist attacks; and a human trafficking case linked to global mass murder corporate terrorism. <br><br>They work with a beautiful black seal spy named Veronica and the trio experience the many pleasures and nightmares crafted by charming ladies and villains as they unite together fighting terrorism and Russian spies. <br><br>The three end up in many complicated situations surrounded by a variety of funny different circumstances; that end with getting the men into more funny and dangerous situations, filled with more trouble than they have ever dreamed possible.<br><br>Season two is full of fresh spy operations and events; and is a must read for people in search of a sexy, funny, happy, feel good story complimented by reading about the serious side of an interactive spy adventure surrounding the 911 attacks and the fallout from the Iraq and Afghanistan war.

Larry's 2013 Tax Guide for U.S. Expats & Green Card Holders in User-Friendly English

Laurence E. 'Larry'

A guide for the overseas American tax filer, written especially for people who hate taxes.

Covert Military Strategy The Theory Of War

Perry JD Ritthaler

The objective of this e-book is to share information theory that was emailed to the Aljazeera network in Palestine and the Western government offices in Canada and the USA and Great Britain. The articles explore political corruption and how that corruption can play a role in destroying a super power; by covertly convincing the terrorism networks and generals and politicians to implement some of this war strategy on the battlefield Ritthaler tries to prevent the demise of a global super power. By reading these article reports you can see first-hand the ideas behind the global economic war.<br><br>This e-book is packed with intelligence articles sent to the military accompanied with riveting graphic design war picture collages to help the reader better understand the picture of warfare.<br><br>The writer is a bit of a home-grown psychologist and scientist mixed into one, with an uncanny ability to craft battlefield psychology strategy intelligence through guilty by association helps shift current military and terrorism operations internationally. The writer is fed up watching the &quot;war on terrorism&quot; played on television, seeing the soldiers and the innocent woman and children in the Middle East being crippled and killed, through mass bombing campaigns or roadside bombs or suicide bombers.<br><br>Ritthaler is the white paper tiger that creates a new war strategy to empower leaders on both sides of the battlefield, and implants the psychology strategies into the minds of the people making decisions on the battlefield.<br><br>No matter where you go,&quot; Ritthaler says, &quot;you can always hear &#39;echoes of the economic war or corporate corruption tarnishing politicians and spy agencies or terrorism networks guilty by association fueled covertly by the war on terrorism covertly engineered by China,&#39; even silent echoes.&quot; <br><br>Against this background, Ritthaler shares his cyber covert digital psychology war strategy operations filled with new peace empowerment war strategy wielding empowerment mixed with logic. <br><br>As he attempted to deal with the ravages of the USA super power under attack he enters the war seamlessly. The threat posed to the civilian way of life is exposed in these articles shaping the final war in the age of psychology mixing with quantum energy science and economic empowerment reasoning. <br><br>This is powerful e-book for people interested in politics or terrorism or the wars in the Middle East or Africa that create the landscape for the demise of the USA super power.