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Фэн-шуй. Главные правила

Маргарита Николаевна Колесова

Фэн-шуй является восточным учением, исследующим поток энергии ци (в другом прочтении чи). Сам термин "фэн-шуй" буквально переводится как «ветер и вода», поскольку ранние мастера обращали внимание прежде всего на погодные условия и энергию природы. Фэн-шуй очень многогранен и изучает пространство нашего места обитания. Он обладает множеством аспектов и требует немало времени для их освоения, чем мы с Вами и займёмся.

Вся методика Джона Кехо. Подсознание исполнит ваше желание!

Валерий Гофман

Добро пожаловать в мир исполнения желаний! Хотите научиться управлять силами Вселенной и исполнять все свои желания? Вы сначала не поверите, что это возможно, но на самом деле вы уже знаете и умеете все, что нужно! Надо лишь «вспомнить» это знание и правильно применить свое умение… Именно для этого написана эта книга. Простые практики, которые представлены в книге, действительно изменят вашу жизнь! Изучив систему Джона Кехо и освоив предложенные здесь несложные техники, вы получите доступ к мощным источникам внутренней силы, с помощью которых измените свою жизнь и судьбу, откроете свой собственный уникальный путь к успеху, процветанию, здоровью и счастью! © Гофман Валерий, 2020 © & ℗ ООО «Издательство АСТ», «Аудиокнига», 2020

Blessed Generation (Second Edition): Understanding Covenant and Inheritance

Kenny Mokoena

The New Testament is about the father&#39;s love and the inheritance which He has bequeathed upon His children. <br><br>In this book, you will learn about the three most important personalities in the New Testament and how anyone can qualify to receive the inheritance as a beneficiary in the Kingdom of God. You will discover how to live the blessed lifestyle now and how to live stress-free. <br><br>After reading this book, you will be positioned for wealth-transfer and to live debt-free. You will have a clear understanding of biblical covenant and inheritance and how you can enjoy the full benefits of salvation apart from works.

Blessed Generation (First Edition): Unveiling Jesus In The Tithe

Kenny Mokoena

In this book you will discover:<br><br>The truth about giving as God originally intended it to be; that once you are born-again, you do not need to do anything else to earn the blessing of God; that you do not tithe to be blessed but you tithe because you are blessed; that you do not give to get but you get to give. You will discover the connection between the tithe and the Holy Communion. <br><br>After reading this book, you will be empowered to give out of freedom as a ministry assignment and to increase the fruits of your righteousness. You will learn how Jesus gave, His views concerning giving and how you can approach giving as He did. This book unveils Jesus as the Tithe, the First-fruits and the Ultimate Offering. Everything you need to know about giving and how to enjoy the blessing of God apart from works is contained in this book. <br>

The Origins of Thought

John V Spillman

This book will help you learn to recognize the errors inherent in the Scriptures, what the church has not been telling you and how you can learn to hear the voice of the Holy Spirit. It describes through scripture the results of not being obedient to the voice. This is not a &quot;Dummy&#39;s Guide to Salvation&quot;, rather it is a guide to learning to hear His voice, following it and reaping the promises listed in the Scriptures. It also highlights the results of following the devil.

A Call to Spiritual Awakening

Wilfred Chukwuemeka Mezue MD

To understand ourselves, and fulfill our roles on earth we need to look into the records of time for our origin and purpose. Not in history books but in life itself! Each individual human spirit carries within its personality, as a totality of its identity, all the experiences and the level of maturity it has achieved since its first incarnation in the Worlds of Matter. Although we do not often tap into these for our path in life, it is these unique experiences that make us who we are. The capacity to weigh every experience, written and unwritten exists within us and we have only ourselves to blame if we fail to recognize the Truth in any given experience. <br><br>This book discusses the path of development for the human spirit in the Material spheres and draws attention to the paths in the Will of God we must follow if we are to fulfill the purpose of our existence.

Listen To The Song Of Body And Soul

Elsie Yiern

Listen to the inner voice of body is to open the door to our inner self. You are going to re-start a dialogue with body wisdom, to release the burdens from body and soul, and to retrieve the unlimited resources within you.


Jimmy Chua

This book is about motivating us to realise our HAPPY DREAMS! There are many things we can create and do, and it begins with the 1st Step!<br><br>Inside is a collection of our 33 HAPPY DREAMS. Read and Enjoy!

Размышления о десяти божествах

Сергей Цзы

Эта книга для новичков, для людей, делающих самые первые шаги в ба цзы. Я рассказываю в ней о десяти божествах – десяти Небесных стволах и об их аналогах в двенадцати Земных ветвях, а также о двух дворцах, которые считаю такими же важными при прочтении китайского гороскопа, как и столп Месяца при определении структуры карты (о дворце Жизни и столпе часа рождения в карте). В книге в качестве примеров приведены двадцать три карты. Эти примеры даны без разборов и не всегда очевидны, но при этом хорошо демонстрируют приводимые в карте комбинации. В книге приводится значительно расширенный образный ряд божеств, который в сочетании с комбинациями НС и ЗВ из примеров поможет разобраться с теоретическим материалом и применить данные знания на практике.В оформлении обложки и книги использованы фотографии с сайта Pixabay по лицензии CC0.

Miracles of the Masters

Michael C. Irvin Irvin

A miracle is an event not explicable by natural or scientific laws. Such an event may be attributed to a supernatural being, a deity, a god, or a powerful cosmic force.<br><br>Informally, the word &quot;miracle&quot; is often used to characterize any beneficial event that is statistically unlikely but not contrary to the laws of nature, such as surviving a natural disaster, or simply a &quot;wonderful&quot; occurrence, regardless of likelihood, such as a birth. Other such miracles might be: survival of an illness diagnosed as terminal, escaping a life-threatening situation or &#39;beating the odds&#39;. Some coincidences may be seen as miracles.<br><br>God regularly works through created nature yet is free to work without, above, or against it as well. A true miracle would, by definition, be a non-natural phenomenon, leading many rational and scientific thinkers to dismiss them as physically impossible (that is, requiring violation of established laws of physics within their domain of validity) or impossible to confirm by their nature (because all possible physical mechanisms can never be ruled out). <br><br>Miracles of The Masters is a chronicle of a small number of the miracles connected to The Avatars Master Mitchell Gibson, and Acharya Kathy Gibson. Respectively, they are Avatars of Athens God Djanthi Thoth and The Goddess Maat. Together, they have been part of hundreds of miracles. Many of these miracles are listed in this book and are reminiscent of the power shown by the ancient masters.<br><br>As you read these words, you will witness the work of modern masters who work among us today.