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Both Sides Now

Amy Wells

The American Freshman

John Pryor

Scandals and Scoundrels

Ron Robin

Scenes of Instruction

Dana Polan

Statistics (Parameters, Variables, Intervals, Proportions) (Speedy Study Guides)

Speedy Publishing

Did you ever want to know the average time it takes to get somewhere based on your cell tower location? Well with statistics, you can calculate things such as intervals, variables, parameters, and others by virtue of using this great math skill. Statistics is concerned with using real world data to effect change in an organization's life cycle. Having a reference guide provides you with the tools needed to solve problems related to customer service, customer retention rates, average sale interval of a particular product, or other business needs for your company.


Dina Bakst

* The only comprehensive guide for parents’ rights in the US* Includes sample letters to employers, quizzes, and checklists* Breaks down federal and state legislation on family rights into accessible language and how-to instructions* Includes anecdotes and examples of a range of expecting parents navigating a diversity of workplace situations* Of interest to anyone starting a family, as well as those interested in family and labor law*Author Dina Bakst appears often on CNN, NPR, and other media as spokesperson for the rights of parents and caretakers in the workplace.

Выживание по Дарвину. Книга 2

Владимир Небадонский

Так сколько же всего цветных рас было на Земле? Откуда появилась и каково значение белой расы? Миграции и борьба за выживание, перспективы нашей цивилизации – всё это в новой книге о происхождении человека.