Природа и животные

Различные книги в жанре Природа и животные

Звёздные часы

Иоланта Ариковна Сержантова

Сборник рассказов, новелл и эссе о природе и природе человеческих поступков. Циферблат звёздных часов велик, когда мал ты сам. Ход их оглушителен. Дни бесконечны и каждое обещание мнится приговором, всякий упрёк казнит безнадежностью навечно, любая малая радость – счастье. Дизайн обложки : Иоланта Сержантова.

What Flowers Say

George Sand

Roses plead to go out to dance; an old oak tree offers advice; paintings of gods and goddesses come alive. In What Flowers Say, renowned writer George Sand dares children to fantasize, to believe in an alternate world. This magical collection, originally penned for her grandchildren, calls into question what is real, a life lesson from someone who refused to accept the gender roles available to women in the nineteenth century. Sand shares her love and immense knowledge of science and mythology, engages issues of class and character, and captures the wonder and determination of a curious child, offering all of us a true sense of infinite possibilities—well beyond the world we live in.

Felicity 3-book set

Valerie Tripp

Enjoy adventures with Felicity Merriman in this three-book boxed set. You'll journey to the American colonies where talks of revolution rumble and the war for independence looms close to heart and home. Plots, balls, and midnight rides all come together in a story that shows how important it is to follow your heart. Then, you'll travel back in time to meet Felicity in an exciting story that lets you choose what happens next! The set includes Love and Loyalty: A Felicity Classic 1, A Stand for Independence: A Felicity Classic 2, Gunpowder and Tea Cakes: My Journey with Felicity.

A Stand for Independence

Valerie Tripp

When Felicity overhears a plot against the colonists, no one believes her but Ben, her father's apprentice. So the two risk great danger to warn the colonists themselves. Soon afterward, Felicity finds a secret note from Ben. He has run away to join George Washington's army, and he is injured. Felicity is worried about him but knows it would be wrong to help a runaway apprentice. Then she is turned away from the door of her best friend, Elizabeth. Will the war for independence come between Felicity and her friends? A Stand for Independence, the second volume of Felicity's classic stories, tells how she finds the strength to follow her heart during the Revolutionary War.

Love and Loyalty

Valerie Tripp

Felicity loves riding horses far more than stitchery or serving tea. When she falls in love with a beautiful chestnut mare, she schemes to save the mare from its cruel owner with the help of Ben, her father's young apprentice. Yet as talk of revolution rumbles around her, finds it harder to tell right from wrong. Ben wants war, while her best friend's family remains loyal to the king. Then receives an invitation to the Governor's Palace, and she must decide where her own loyalties lie. In Love and Loyalty, the first volume of her classic stories, finds out what independence really means as the American colonies begin their fight for freedom.

The Runaway

Alison Hart

Scooter, Maryellen's pudgy pet dachshund, may be lazy, but he's one of the family, and Maryellen loves him dearly. And he never misses a meal! So when Scooter doesn't show up at dinnertime, she's worried. Maryellen launches a search and discovers some strange goings-on in her neighborhood. With the help of her friends and family, the search for Scooter takes Maryellen from the streets of Daytona Beach to the rocket launchpad at Cape Canaveral!

Major: A Soldier Dog

Trevor Jones

The incredible story of the War Dog program as seen through the eyes of Major, a World War Two soldier dog. During WWII, the U.S. Military established the Fort Robinson War Dogs Training Center in western Nebraska, training over 17,000 “dogs for defense” and deploying them to battlefields and installations all over the world.[/b] At the beginning of the program, without a ready supply of dogs to train, the U.S. government asked civilians throughout the region to volunteer their dogs for service. Thousands answered the call, and their pets served our country courageously as guards, scouts, messengers, sled runners, and more. Told from the point of view of Major, a border collie based on a real dog from North Dakota, Major: A Soldier Dog tells the incredible story of the War Dog program through his eyes, following him through the heartbreaking separation from his family, the training at Fort Robinson, his harrowing war service in Italy, his return home for detraining and discharge, and finally the tearful reunion with his family.


Erin Hunter