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Organization Development

Donald L. Anderson

Organization Development: The Process of Leading Organizational Change offers a comprehensive look at individual, team, and organizational change, covering classic and contemporary organization development (OD) techniques. Bestselling author Donald L. Anderson provides students with the organization development tools they need to succeed in today’s challenging environment defined by globalization, rapidly changing technologies, economic pressures, and evolving workforce expectations.  The new Fifth Edition has been updated to reflect the latest research. New “Profiles in OD” highlight a variety of practitioners and researchers. New cases, examples, and a new chapter on organization design and culture interventions provide readers with the latest information on OD best practices.   

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Евгений Валерьевич Щелконогов

Страховые услуги, строительство, пищевая индустрия, торговля, МЛМ – это еще не все виды бизнеса, которые перепробовал автор за последние 20 лет. Но почувствовать фундамент под ногами, обрести долгожданную финансовую свободу и найти смысл жизни он смог именно в сетевом. В книге есть советы для тех, кто еще только мечтает работать на себя, и тех, кто в своем бизнесе – уже хозяин. Автор выводит свою формулу успеха, приводит весомые аргументы в пользу МЛМ, а также дает ключи к управлению возражениями, которые работают в каждом бизнесе. Книга по сути является и инструкцией по ведению бизнеса, и рабочей тетрадью с практическими заданиями и мотивирующей настольной книгой. Благодаря ей вы сможете уберечь себя от ошибок, которые совершает сегодня каждый второй в бизнесе.

The Magical Path

Marc Allen

This extraordinary work presents a series of simple, powerful tools that anyone can use to find a short, effortless route to success and fulfillment. You will discover tried-and-true techniques that deliver quick results. In fact, these shortcuts to success are so simple, accessible, and effective that you will quickly call them magical. Marc Allen developed these tools over several decades, and refined them over many years in a series of life-changing seminars. The results have been wonderful, even miraculous, for a great many people.
Work and play with any part of this book and you’ll start seeing remarkable things happening in your life and in your world.

The Vitality Imperative

Mickey Connolly

The ever-present challenge for leaders is how to get more done with less time, money, and stress.The Vitality Imperative answers that challenge and gives leaders a reliable and actionable road map for creating and sustaining a humane and lasting approach to the thorniest challenges and opportunities modern organizations face.The Vitality Imperative will teach:• 7 key promises that connected leaders make to ignite and sustain vitality• Self-evident principles to provoke new thought and action• Engaging examples of these principles in action• Personal and team practices to test the principles and cultivate personal and organizational effectiveness.Based on over 25 years of research and application in Fortune 500 organizations on six continents around the?world, this book describes how connected leadershipTM builds a working culture of energized high performance, characterized by community, contribution, and choice.The Vitality Imperative is about return-on-effort. It’s about leading organizations in ways that produce great results and are deeply satisfying for both employees and shareholders.

Run Your Own Corporation

Garrett Sutton

“I’ve set up my corporation. Now what do I do?”All too often business owners and real estate investors are asking this question. They have formed their protective entity – be it a corporation, LLC or LP – and don’t know what to do next.“Run Your Own Corporation” provides the solution to this very common dilemma. Breaking down the requirements chronologically (ie the first day, first quarter, first year) the book sets forth all the tax and corporate and legal matters new business owners must comply with. Written by Rich Dad’s Advisor Garrett Sutton, Esq., who also authored the companion edition “Start Your Own Corporation”, the book clearly identifies what must be done to properly maintain and operate your corporation entity.From the first day, when employer identification numbers must be obtained in order to open up a bank account, to the fifth year when trademark renewals must be filed, and all the requirements in between, “Run Your Own Corporation” is a unique resource that all business owners and investors must have.Rich Dad/Poor Dad author Robert Kiyosaki states, “Run Your Own Corporation is the missing link for most entrepreneurs. They’ve set up their entity, but don’t know the next steps. Garrett Sutton’s book provides valuable information needed at the crucial start up phase of operations. It is highly recommended reading.”When “Start Your Own Corporation” is combined with “Run Your Own Corporation” readers have a two book set that offers the complete corporate picture.

The Social Capitalist

Josh Lannon

Social Entrepreneur is a book about how two ordinary people turn a huge social problem into a solution, not only for themselves but for thousands of others. From Nightclub Owner (Josh) and Law Enforcement Officer (Lisa) to Social Entrepreneurs of Journey Healing Centers (accredited private drug and alcohol treatment centers). They turned their lives around and are building businesses that bring families back together again (by using the Rich Dad principles).Businesses are evolving to a higher purpose, the why we do what we do. Like the movements across the world and in our own backyards (occupy wall street) people want purpose in their lives. They want to be a positive contribution. We are in the next Mega Trend of a social movement.

Start Your Own Corporation

Garrett Sutton

We live in a highly litigious world. As you live your life you must keep your guard up. As you grow your wealth you must protect it. For those who don’t predators await, and their attorneys will use every trick in the toolbox to get at – whether large or small-your unprotected assets.Start Your Own Corporation educates you on an action plan to protect your life’s gains. Corporate attorney and best selling author Garrett Sutton clearly explains the all too common risks of failing to protect yourself and the strategies for limiting your liability going forward. The information is timely, accessible and applicable to every citizen in every situation.Garrett Sutton has spent the last thirty years protecting clients’ assets and implementing corporate structures to limit liability. This significant experience shines through in a very readable book on the why to’s and how to’s for achieving asset protection. Start Your Own Corporation teaches how to select between corporations and LLCs and how to use Nevada and Wyoming entities to your maximum advantage. This non-technical and easy to understand book also educates on the importance of following corporate formalities, using business tax deductions and building business credit.Rich Dad Poor Dad author Robert Kiyosaki says, “Start Your Own Corporation is a must read for anyone with any assets to protect.”

Business Networking Simplified

Les Garnas

Business networking simplified for all ages

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