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More Fun in the New World

John Doe

Classical Chillout


Classical Chillout


Why You Like It

Nolan Gasser

Лекция «Я введу вас в мир Поп…»

Артемий Троицкий

История поп-музыки берёт начало в «пещерные» времена, а в её новейшем виде началась в конце XIX века. Стили и направления, технологии и шоу-бизнес, подлинные гении и дутые знаменитости – обо всех аспектах популярной музыки кратко, но ёмко расскажет Артемий Троицкий, признанный авторитет в этой области, журналист, публицист, просветитель. На лекции узнаем всё о поп-музыке – от шаманских плясок до «Ютьюба», со всеми остановками.

Canções De Natal Na Velha América

Patrizia Barrera

História das mais belas canções de Natal da tradição americana Uma visão geral intrigante e divertida da história das canções de Natal relacionadas à tradição americana. Anedotas gostosas, dos bastidores, escândalos e fofocas de outros tempos, de uma América que já não existe mais. Tudo o que você não sabe sobre as mais belas canções de Natal da Velha América pode ser encontrado neste livro, escrito com paixão e de fácil leitura.

Weihnachtslieder In Dem Alten Amerika

Patrizia Barrera

Geschichte der schoensten Weihnachtslieder der Amerikanischen Traditionen. Eine faszinierender und unterhaltsamer Ueberblick ueber die Geschichte von den Weihnachtslieder, die mit der amerikanischen Tradition verbunden sind. Leckere anekdoten, die Hintergrundgeschichten, Skandale und Klatsch in einem America in anderen Zeiten das es nicht mehr gibt. Alles was Sie ueber die schoensten Weihnachtslieder von Alt America mit leidenshaft und leichter Hand in diesem Buch lesen koennen.

Why Bowie Matters

Will Brooker

A unique, moving and dazzlingly researched exploration of the places, people, musicians, writers and filmmakers that inspired David Jones to become David Bowie, what we can learn from his life’s work and journey, and why he will always matter. When David Bowie died on 10th January 2016, it seemed the whole world was united in mourning. His greatest hits were sung tearfully in pubs up and down Britain, garlands of flowers were left at the Aladdin Sane mural in his old stomping ground of Brixton and tributes poured in from a galaxy of stars. To many of us, Bowie was so much more than a pop idol. But why? In Why Bowie Matters, Professor Will Brooker answers that question persuasively, as both a fan and an academic. A Bowie obsessive since childhood, he hit the headlines over the course of a year-long immersive research project that took him from London to Berlin and New York, following in Bowie’s footsteps, only listening to music and reading books he loved, and even at times adopting his fashion. In this original and illuminating book, Professor Brooker approaches Bowie from various angles, re-tracing his childhood on the streets of Bromley, taking us through his record collection and bookshelves, and deciphering the symbols and codes of his final work, Blackstar to piece together how an ordinary suburban teenager turned himself into a legend, and how perhaps we too could be a little more Bowie. He shows us that while David Robert Jones died on that terrible day in January, David Bowie will live on forever.