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Rent-to-Own: How to Find Rent-to-Own Homes NOW While Rebuilding Your Credit

Wendy Patton

A step by step guide to buying your dream home NOW without a mortgage using the rent-to-own method while rebuilding your credit. The entire rent-to-own process is covered explaining key fundamentals including:<br><br>– How to find your dream home NOW<br>– How you can save thousands of dollars on your purchase<br>– Dozens of ideas to help you rebuild your credit along the way<br>– How to keep from making costly mistakes <br>– Understanding the paperwork<br>– Pitfalls to avoid<br>– How to Make an offer and handle negotiations <br>– How to qualify for financing of the final purchase <br>– Numerous tips to make sure things go smoothly <br>– Ways to add peace of mind/reduce stress during the process

The Golden Telescope

Doug McLarty

What exactly do Gary Toth, a 58 year-old owner of a car dealership, and young radiologist Sandra de Souza have in common? To start with, a schedule so busy they have no time to think clearly about their financial future. In the Golden Telescope, they find common ground and a lot less stress.<br><br>Looking for a less stressful financial future? You&#39;ll find it between the covers of The Golden Telescope – a guide to discovering harmony and financial wellbeing for owner-managers and professionals.

Party With Prudence - Independence Day

Dave M.D. Ward

Party with Prudence Independence Day is an introduction to budgeting for teenagers. It is a reference book and is designed to assist young people that are around the age of 15 to learn how to manage their money. The book is a story of a teenage girl named Prudence who is planning for her independence day. She plans to move out on her own after she finishes high school. Prudence wants to be able to move out and still have fun. She decides to devise strategies on how she is going to do both and develops plans and worksheets that help her accomplish her goal of independence. The worksheets Prudence developed and uses will be available on the website.

Finding Your Frugal Way

Staci M.D. Gerardi

Learn to save money, live a frugal life, and fit it all into your busy lifestyle. NO DUMPSTER DIVING REQUIRED.<br><br>I use to dread getting birthday part invites for my daughter&#39;s friends from school. All the money I had to spend on a gift, card and gift bag. Never getting a thank you card from the kid. <br><br>Well, NOT ANYMORE. I started using a great little trick to score FREE gifts and stockpile them. When the invites arrive, I don&#39;t flinch. I head to our stockpile and &quot;shop&quot; for the gift that&#39;ll fit the age and sex of the child whose birthday party we&#39;re invited to. <br><br>Want to learn how to get a stockpile of your very own? Simple. I use $10 off YOUR PURCHASE of $10 or MORE coupons I receive from local department stores. These coupons allow you to buy $10 worth of product and get $10 off. What does that equal? FREE STUFF. We get these coupons, at least, every other month from two separate department stores. <br><br>I bet many of you throw those bad boys away, or just think of them as $10 off a large purchase. Read all your coupons carefully! You&#39;re throwing away FREE STUFF. <br><br>Think that&#39;s a good trick? That&#39;s small potatoes compared to what I&#39;ve got to teach you in Finding Your Frugal Way! <br><br>When you&#39;re shopping for gifts, household items, clothing, and really just about anything, there&#39;s always a way to SAVE MONEY. Finding Your Frugal Way is your guide to learning how to live not just within your means, but rather, BELOW your means.

Sõltumatu naine. 5 sammu rahalise vabaduseni

Merit Raju

See eriline investeerimisraamat sai alguse puhtalt isiklikust taipamisest ja väga haavatavast hetkest, mil lapsega kahekesi elades ja ettevõtjana läbipõlenuna tuli selge arusaam, et ma olen hädas. Üks asi, mis mind aitas, oli investeerimine. Kitsamalt ja tehnilisemalt vaadatuna. Laiemas plaanis aitas mind oma sõltuva olukorra sügavam mõistmine ja rahaasjade (ja elu) eest täie vastutuse võtmine. See on inspireeriv ja aus raamat rahast. Tabust, mille teemal on paaridel kõige rohkem tülisid. Leiad siit emotsionaalseid lugusid ja ka komistuskive ning oma nahal läbi proovitud soovitusi. Ja lõpuks on see investeerimisraamat sellest, et asi pole ainult rahas. See on raamat sellest, kuidas saada sõltumatuks naiseks. Alguses emotsionaalselt ja pisitasa üha enam materiaalselt ka. See raamat muudab sinu elu. Kuidas sa mõtled. Oma raha ja päeva korraldad. Kellega läbi käid ja kuidas end oma elus tunned. Sul on rohkem valikuid ja vähem sundkäike. Merit Raju Teen juba 13 aastat tööd, mis on ühtlasi mu elustiil, kirg ja missioon. Nimetan end elustiili disaineriks: õitsen ise ja aitan ka teistel õide puhkeda. Olgu teemaks tervis, töised valikud, ettevõtlus, heaolu või raha. Seda peegeldavad mu raamatud ja Hingele Pai ajakirjad, juba üksteist korda toimunud joogafestivalid, uus konverents, töötoad, vebinarid, erakohtumised ja hingelepai.ee veebiportaal. Hariduselt olen Tallinna Tehnikaülikooli majandusteaduskonna bakalaureus ja Hamburgi Ülikooli ärimagister. Õppinud ja töötanud olen lisaks Eestile veel neljas riigis: Soomes, Saksamaal, Belgias, Austraalias, kokku üle kolme aasta. Juba seitse aastat on mul olnud au olla ema. Ja elujanu ja elurõõm – need käivad minuga pidevalt kaasas.

Personal Finance for People Who Hate Personal Finance

Gregory Ph.D Bresiger

A jargon-free, stress-free approach to managing your finances.<br><br>Some of the top writers in Personal Finance have contributed to this eBook, including my business partner, Gregory Bresiger (who&#39;s articles have appeared in the New York Business Post. He has also been a writer for Financial Advisor Magazine and Financial Planner Magazine) <br><br>This book will help you easily understand the complexities of finance. No matter your age, background or financial situation, we guarantee that your financial goals will seem closer to reality after reading this eBook.

Заходит экономист в публичный дом. Необычные примеры управления риском для повседневной жизни

Эллисон Шрагер

Риск присутствует в каждом решении, от выбора карьеры до планирования отпуска. На неожиданных примерах из разных областей автор объясняет, как изучать риски и использовать эти знания. Эллисон Шрагер – экономист, журналист в международной новостной бизнес-организации Quartz, соучредитель консалтинговой фирмы LifeCycle Finance Partners, LLC.Эллисон диверсифицировала свою карьеру, работая в сфере финансов, политики и СМИ. Она руководила разработкой пенсионных продуктов в компании Dimensional Fund Advisors и консультировала международные организации, включая ОЭСР и МВФ.Шрагер регулярно публикуется в журналах Economist, Reuters и Bloomberg Businessweek. Ее статьи печатали в журналах Playboy, Wired, National Review и Foreign Affairs.Она получила степень бакалавра в Эдинбургском университете и степень доктора экономических наук в Колумбийском университете. Преподает в Нью-Йоркском университете и живет в Нью-Йорке.

Заходит экономист в публичный дом. Необычные примеры управления риском для повседневной жизни

Эллисон Шрагер

Эта книга научит вас оценивать риски, а значит, принимать лучшие решения во всех областях жизни. На примерах необычных профессий Эллисон Шрагер подробно и доходчиво разбирает пять правил управления рисками. Они помогут повысить вероятность удачного исхода и не полагаться на волю неопределенности. На русском языке публикуется впервые.