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Let's Go Europe 2019

Harvard Student Agencies

So, you want to go to Europe? But how could you not? There’s something awfully romantic about spending midnight in Paris, watching the lights shine on the famed La Seine. There’s something special about hearing the growls and grunts of cars on the vias and around the piazzas of Rome. There’s something magical about walking on the streets of London in front of Buckingham Palace as the roads close down for the iconic Changing of the Guard. Europe—rich with history, culture, art, and adventure— is the ultimate destination for any backpacker from any background. For all the hullabaloo around this small piece of land attached to Asia, the fairytale-like legends that you hear from old men in the park, friends, and parents are, for most part, true stories. Well, maybe all except for that one time Uncle Marty claimed he found an old manuscript of Ulysses on a Dublin pub crawl. Pub crawls and pretentious reading material aside, Europe awaits you. Paraglide in the mountains of Gimmelwald, shimmy your way into the most exclusive clubs of Berlin, or scuba dive between two tectonic plates in Iceland. When in Dubrovnik, find love on Lokrum Island and, in Athens, find your Adonis or Aphrodite. Get blown away by the beat of the Pamplona’s Running of the Bulls and cheer on European sports teams in Munich’s beer gardens. Europe has been, and will continue to be, the starting point for the adventures of students all around the world. Join the company of your fellow wanderlust-stricken adventure seekers and set your trip apart from the rest. Ready, set, Let’s Go!

Vancouver Wild


По святым местам

Виктор Чекмарь

Паскаль: «Люди играют в карты ( не выпускают из рук гаджеты, постоянно пялятся в телевизор, убивают время компьютерными играми – курсив автора) для того, чтобы не оставаться наедине с собой. Наша жизнь – постоянное бегство от себя…» Человек успокаивается и обретает душевный покой (перестает терзаться поисками смысла своей жизни) только тогда, когда он обращается к Богу. Только Господь может заполнить Собой присутствующую в человеке глубину и пустоту.

Little Ship of Fools

Charles Wilkins L.

The dramatic and hilarious story of sores and survival on a human-powered journey across the ocean.It was to be an expedition like no other&#8212a run across the Atlantic from Morocco to Barbados aboard an experimental rowboat. There would be no support vessel, no stored water, no sails, no motor. The boat's crew of sixteen included several veterans of U.S. college rowing, a number of triathletes, a woman who had rowed both the Atlantic and Indian Oceans, and a scrawny, bespectacled sexagenarian – our chronicler, Charles Wilkins.When he joined the expedition, Wilkins had never swung an oar in earnest. In a tale both harrowing and hilarious, Wilkins takes the reader along for seven weeks of rationed food, festering sores, breathtaking sunrises, sleep deprivation, and mile-high waves alongside a devoted crew of misadventurers.Little Ship of Fools is a fascinating and funny story of courage, adventure and human spirit

White Planet

Leslie Anthony

Writer and adventurer Leslie Anthony has spent his life on two planks, racing down hills, searching for the next perfect ride. His real baptism, however, began in the early nineties when Alaska emerged as the ski world’s Next Big Thing. Steep faces and vast tracks of powder snow, were captured on film and beamed to audiences around the world. The result was a freeskiing revolution.With insight and humor, White Planet, traces an arc through the new ski culture, in a rock ‘n’ roll adventure that follows a diaspora to far-flung corners of the globe. Along the way, Anthony introduces many of the daredevils, visionaries and entrepreneurs who are bringing the sport to such unexpected places as Mexico, China, Lebanon and India.

Incontinent on the Continent

Jane Christmas

To smooth over five decades of constant clashing, determined daughter Jane Christmas decides to take her arthritic, incontinent, and domineering mother, Valeria, to Italy. Will being at the epicenter of the Renaissance spark a renaissance in their relationship? As they drag each other from the Amalfi Coast to Tuscany — walkers, shawls, and a mobile pharmacy of medications in tow — they find new ways to bitch and bicker, in the process reassessing who they are and how they might reconcile. Unflinching and often hilarious, this book speaks to all women who have faced that special challenge of making friends with Mom.

The Whistler Book

Jack Christie

This concise, thorough, and easy-to-use guide gives readers all the information they need to enjoy the Whistler area’s incredible range of year-round recreational opportunities. It features detailed descriptions of camping, hiking, paddling, and other summer activities, along with winter sports such as skiing, snowboarding, and snowshoeing. Detailed trail maps are provided for each location. Destination highlights, informative sidebars, and author Jack Christie’s insider tips on his favorite spots are provided throughout.

Roadside Nature Tours through the Okanagan

Richard Cannings

The Okanagan attracts thousands of visitors each year to enjoy its beaches and wine, but more and more people are discovering its natural beauty. With desert sands and deep lakes, towering rock cliffs and rich benchlands, cold mountain forests and hot grasslands, the Okanagan has an ecological diversity unequalled in Canada.Roadside Nature Tours through the Okanagan opens with an introduction to the region’s biodiversity, climate, geology, and human history, setting the stage for the route descriptions that follow. Richard Cannings then takes us on twenty-one tours through the valley, from the arid benchlands of Osoyoos to the snowy forests east of Vernon. The routes vary from main highways to quiet roads, and along each one we’re introduced to the animals, plants, and bedrock that create this national treasure. Each route also has a focal topic, ranging from owls to salmon and rattlesnakes to rock rabbits.

Альманах по Египту. Часть 1

Наталья Шадрина

Загадочная страна Египет. Почему она так манит россиян, да и не только? И почему мы такие разные? Давайте попробуем вместе найти разгадки этих загадок. Предлагаем Вашему вниманию наш альманах. Вы узнаете много интересного о самой древней стране мира. Побываете в разных уголках Египта, узнаете о традициях и достопримечательностях, «попробуете» самое вкусное из национальной кухни, и, возможно, больше не сможете обходиться без этих блюд.

Существует способ

Михаил Захаров

Я погряз в рутине и не замечал, как пролетают месяцы и годы. Хотелось что-то изменить в жизни, но как? С чего начать? Как нащупать нить нового пути?Эта книга о том, как череда маленьких шагов, решений и неслучайных случайностей привела меня в невероятное полугодовое путешествие автостопом через 5 стран с рюкзаком и гитарой, без сбережений и спонсоров. Книга о внутренней трансформации в пути, а самое главное, о том, как честность к себе и миру открывает новые горизонты и творит чудеса.