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Io Sono Il Frutto Della Terra

Aldivan Teixeira Torres

Io sono il Frutto della Terra che viene a presentare come sfondo principale la cultura indigena così dimenticata dalla maggior parte dei Tupiniquins. È un viaggio di conoscenza e liberazione.

नब क कथए

Aldivan Teixeira Torres

सजर क कहनय सजर दवर परकशत सरवततम कहनय क सगरह ह। उददशय एक पठ म इकटठ करन ह ज जवन वशलषण और सकरतमक परतसथपन क लए आवशयक सहयत ह, यह तक क हतहत क असफलतओ क समन भ। यह सगरह पररणदयक ह और आप अदवतय कमत क लए ख नह सकत ह।

God’s Code

Aldivan Teixeira Torres

Philliphe is a victorious man in every aspect of life. Nothing else can wish to be happy until something terrible happens. The new situation provokes a great revolt in your world. Lost, just stumbled onto at the thought of an innocent young man. His words are so comforting and optimistic that opens a new perspective amid so much pain. Is launched then the following challenge:Be able understand the God's will and as a consequence decipher your code?