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Камергерский переулок

Владимир Орлов

Новый роман Владимира Орлова «Камергерский переулок» – роскошный подарок для любителей великолепного литературного языка и сложных сюжетных ходов. В книге идет рассказ о людях, общим у которых является то, что они все каким-либо образом связаны с полумистической, по-старомосковски общедоступной закусочной в самом центре города в Камергерском переулке. Здесь есть и детективная интрига, и любовная история, и захватывающие авантюры, и философские рассуждения, и картины современных московских нравов, которые автор рисует с саркастической иронией.

Огонь и вода

Александр Грин

О необычайной силе человека, способного, если надо, пройти по воде. © FantLab.ru


Аліна Поліщук Alianna Poli

Збірка прози української письменниці. В збірку ввійшла проза за 2015 – 2020 рік. Книга про нероздільне кохання та свободу. Про романтизм за гранями реальності. Про протиріччя та мрії. Про відчуття та незалежність. Содержит нецензурную брань.

Наш приходский совет

Чарльз Диккенс

Чарльз Диккенс – наверное, лучший английский романист Викторианской эпохи. Но удавались ему и рассказы. В них он запечатлевал портреты своих современников – аристократов и простого люда. И для тех, и для других находился свой занятный сюжет.

Слепой музыкант

Владимир Короленко

Студия «МедиаКнига» представляет аудиокнигу «Слепой музыкант» – повесть великого русского писателя и общественного деятеля Владимира Галактионовича Короленко. «Слепой музыкант» – трогательный этюд о человеческом счастье и необходимости борьбы за него. В этой повести великий мастер Владимир Короленко необычайно трепетно описывает трагедию рождения в богатой семье слепого младенца – Петра. Истинная любовь его близких позволила избежать излишней заботы о мальчике, позволить ему стать самостоятельным, состояться как человеку и гению. Повзрослев, постигая мир, его лишения и страдания, Петр осознает, что его слепота это далеко не самое худшее, что может приключиться с человеком. Финальная сцена произведения символизирует победу несломленной личности над обстоятельствами: Петр завораживает огромный зал своей игрой на пианино. Произведение включено в школьную программу.» Слушаем, лайкаем, активно комментируем! ) © & ℗ ООО «МедиаКнига», 2020

The Marrow of Tradition

Charles W. Chesnutt

On November 10, 1898, a mob of 400 rampages through the streets of Wilmington, North Carolina, killing as many as 60 citizens, burning down the newspaper office, overthrowing the newly elected leaders, and installing a new white supremacist government. The Wilmington Race Riots—also known as the Wilmington Insurrection and the Wilmington Massacre, is the only coup d’etat on American soil. The violence was prompted by the increasing political powers African Americans in the town were gaining during Reconstruction. <i>The Marrow of Tradition</i> is a fictionalized account of this important, under-studied event. Charles W. Chesnutt, an African American writer from North Carolina who lived in Cleveland as an adult and was the first black professional writer in the nation, narrates the story of “Wellington” North Carolina through William Miller, a black doctor, and his wife, Janet, who is both black and the unclaimed daughter of a prominent white businessman. Along with dozens of other characters, including a black domestic servant whose speech is rendered in vernacular dialect, they create a composite of Reconstruction and the violent racial politics created in backlash. The novel is also a masterful work of art that stands on its own: gripping, nuanced, and wholly original.


Роман Шнайдер

Подъезд – целый мир, в котором происходит множество событий. Она смотрит на этот мир долгие годы, и уверена, что знает о нем всё. Но в жизни всегда есть место неожиданным событиям. И порой они переворачивают нашу действительность с ног на голову.

Blood in The Air

Katherine Wood

Meet Kari True. You'll get along fine with her, as long as you obey the law. Because Kari is an officer of the Watch. Along with her colleagues, she's in charge of keeping the mean streets around the Palace in the City free of troublemakers, wrongdoers and crime, and when the bowstrings begin to sing, the arrows start flying, and the swords start swashing, she's usually there, right in the thick of the action. She’s the one you’d want watching your back in a fight. Smart, sassy, and never afraid of a wisecrack, nevertheless Kari has a dark secret which she struggles even to acknowledge to herself sometimes – for Kari is a Demokin – part Demon.
Her colleagues are used to her ways, of course, and long ago learned not to antagonise her – not unless you want to be outside, down in the street, picking up the pieces of your desk, and the pieces of the window she just threw it through. It takes cop banter to a new level and gives a whole new meaning to “Elf” and safety at work!
Kari’s Demon background comes in very useful when she's trying to combat evil, most of the time, but, in this gripping, fast-paced mystery, it also leads her into some very dark corners, some bad places, and some very strange situations, until she's not sure who to trust any more, especially if it's her own, half-demonic self.
Involved in a case in which she discovers layer upon layer of deception, and forced to work with a snooty elvish lord who patronises her every utterance, her investigation takes a dangerous turn into the underworld. Hell is ruled by the dragon Drac-Shemal, and his son Drac-Nazar, and Kari’s attempts to crack this case will take her closer to the edge than she ever wanted to be, questioning the very essence of her existence.
A fast-paced page-turning fantasy thriller that often reads like Law and Order crossed with Game of Thrones crossed with Lord of the Rings, this is Katherine Wood’s first Kari True chronicle, of a planned trilogy.

Jane Austen's Sanditon

Janet Todd

Coming to PBS Masterpiece Classic soon! Gorgeous, profound, delightful, useful, original, this fully illustrated, informative volume combines Jane Austen's Sanditon novel and Janet Todd's ground-breaking essay. </p> <p> «I so enjoyed Janet Todd's beautifully produced book.»Andrew Davies, screenwriter. </p> <p> Sanditon is Jane Austen’s last novel, left unfinished when she died. A comedy, it continues the strain of burlesque and caricature she wrote as a teenager and in private throughout her life. This beautifully illustrated volume combines the full novel and Todd’s ground-breaking essay, where she contextualizes Austen’s life and work, Sanditon’s connection with Northanger Abbey (1818) and the Austen family’s speculation in England and the West Indies. She examines the moral and social problems of capitalism, entrepreneurship, and whether wealth trickles down to benefit the place it is made. In explaining the early nineteenth-century culture of self: the exploitation of hypochondria, health fads, seaside resorts, cures, she contends that Sanditon is an innovative, ebullient study of human beings’ vagaries – rather than using common sense, Sanditon’s characters follow intuition and bodily signs believing that desire can be translated into physical facts and speech can transform fantasy into reality. Todd shows Austen’s themes to be akin to contemporary concerns: the mistakes of the self-deluded reveal the inevitable, ridiculous gap between how we think of ourselves and how we appear and sound to others.

The Two Saplings

Mazo de la Roche

From the author of the bestselling Jalna series. Switched at birth: two boys exchange lives for a year. This novel from Jalna author Mazo de la Roche tells the story of two families, English and American, on whom circumstances have played a strange prank which might have had unhappy consequences. As an experiment, they send off their sons to see the other's country, but then war intervenes, and the story of the Wyldes and the Rendels shows the problems and the promise of Anglo-American relationships now and for the future.