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Käitumusliku investeerimise taskuraamat. Kuidas mitte olla iseenda suurim vaenlane

James Montier

Investori peamiseks probleemiks, ja paljuski tema suurimaks vaenlaseks, on ei keegi muu kui tema ise. Selle ebamugava tõeni on jõudnud terve armaada jagu tarku mehi, teiste seas James Montier. Piisab vaid pilgust investorite tegelikku kasumit kirjeldavale Dalbari uuringule, et selles isegi veenduda. Viimase 20 aasta jooksul on S & P 500 tootlus olnud igal aastal veidi üle 8%. Aktiivsed haldajad võtavad sellest 1–2% ja nii võibki jääda mulje, et investeerimisfondi üksikinvestorid teenivad 6–7%. Tegelikkuses on aga investorite tootlus vähenenud napi 1,9%ni aastas. Seda suuresti põhjusel, et enamasti on ostu- ja müügitehinguid kõige halvemal võimalikul ajahetkel tehtud. Ent pilt ei pea sugugi nii trööstitu olema, leiab Montier. Seda küll üksnes juhul, kui õppida ära nõks või paar, kuidas paremaid otsuseid langetada. Sestap viibki ta lugeja ringkäigule kõige levinumate käitumuslike väljakutsete ja mõtteeksimuste rägastikku, pakkudes välja strateegiaid, mille abil kaasasündinud kalduvusi lõplikult murda. Lisaks destruktiivsetele käitumisviisidele ja levinud mõttevigadele, mida Montier on oma muljetavaldava karjääri jooksul professionaalide juures korduvalt märganud, analüüsib ta psühholoogilisi tegureid, mis sedalaadi vigu põhjustavad. Ta jagab praktilist nõu, kuidas neid enda juures märgata ning seeläbi oma portfelli ja kasumit kaitsta. Sõna saavad ka investeerimismaailma tuntud näod, kes on püüdnud juurutada investeerimisprotsesse, mille abil käitumuslikke eksimusi minimeerida.
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Self as Coach, Self as Leader

Pamela McLean

Become a more effective leader by discovering the resources you already have Pamela McLean, CEO and cofounder of the Hudson Institute for Coaching, has been at the forefront of the field for the past three decades, using clinical and organizational psychology to provide the highest-quality coaching and development training to professionals in organizations and solo practice worldwide. Now, Pamela is teaching readers to cultivate their leadership potential through “use of self as instrument,” a key dimension of developmental coaching that emphasizes the whole person. Her holistic methods give coaches and other leaders a clearer framework for getting to know themselves, exploring their multiple layers, and fostering their latent abilities so that they can foster the abilities of others. Self as Coach guides you along a path that interweaves six broad dimensions of your internal landscape into the fabric of great coaching. This creates lasting improvements, unlike more common remedial, tactical, or performance-based programs, which often only function as short-term solutions. Develop leadership skills using internal resources you already possess Achieve real improvements with long-lasting benefits Based on methodology proven successful in business and personal settings Includes useful practices and exercises for self-reflection and brainstorming Whether you’re an emerging or experienced coach, whether you want to grow your own leadership skills or develop them across an entire organization, Self as Coach can help. With its innovative approach, proven methods, and near-universal applicability, this book will not only provide effective instruction but also help you uncover lasting insights that will benefit you long after you’ve turned the last page.

Data Privacy and GDPR Handbook

Sanjay Sharma

The definitive guide for ensuring data privacy and GDPR compliance Privacy regulation is increasingly rigorous around the world and has become a serious concern for senior management of companies regardless of industry, size, scope, and geographic area. The Global Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) imposes complex, elaborate, and stringent requirements for any organization or individuals conducting business in the European Union (EU) and the European Economic Area (EEA)—while also addressing the export of personal data outside of the EU and EEA. This recently-enacted law allows the imposition of fines of up to 5% of global revenue for privacy and data protection violations. Despite the massive potential for steep fines and regulatory penalties, there is a distressing lack of awareness of the GDPR within the business community. A recent survey conducted in the UK suggests that only 40% of firms are even aware of the new law and their responsibilities to maintain compliance. The Data Privacy and GDPR Handbook helps organizations strictly adhere to data privacy laws in the EU, the USA, and governments around the world. This authoritative and comprehensive guide includes the history and foundation of data privacy, the framework for ensuring data privacy across major global jurisdictions, a detailed framework for complying with the GDPR, and perspectives on the future of data collection and privacy practices. Comply with the latest data privacy regulations in the EU, EEA, US, and others Avoid hefty fines, damage to your reputation, and losing your customers Keep pace with the latest privacy policies, guidelines, and legislation Understand the framework necessary to ensure data privacy today and gain insights on future privacy practices The Data Privacy and GDPR Handbook is an indispensable resource for Chief Data Officers, Chief Technology Officers, legal counsel, C-Level Executives, regulators and legislators, data privacy consultants, compliance officers, and audit managers.

GDPR For Dummies

Suzanne Dibble

Don’t be afraid of the GDPR wolf! How can your business easily comply with the new data protection and privacy laws and avoid fines of up to $27M? GDPR For Dummies sets out in simple steps how small business owners can comply with the complex General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR). These regulations apply to all businesses established in the EU and to businesses established outside of the EU insofar as they process personal data about people within the EU. Inside, you’ll discover how GDPR applies to your business in the context of marketing, employment, providing your services, and using service providers. Learn how to avoid fines, regulatory investigations, customer complaints, and brand damage, while gaining a competitive advantage and increasing customer loyalty by putting privacy at the heart of your business. Find out what constitutes personal data and special category data Gain consent for online and offline marketing Put your Privacy Policy in place Report a data breach before being fined 79% of U. S. businesses haven’t figured out how they’ll report breaches in a timely fashion, provide customers the right to be forgotten, conduct privacy impact assessments, and more. If you are one of those businesses that hasn't put a plan in place, then GDPR For Dummies is for you.

The Energy Equation

Greg Baker

A groundbreaking approach to unlocking the power of energy for professional productivity and business success The Energy Equation provides a new approach to achieving marketplace success by leveraging the internal workings of your business. The energy of your business is part of a physical system. Just like any other form of energy, it can be drained and wasted or be harnessed and optimized. This book offers a revolutionary contribution to management science that can be used to drive change, improve collaboration, enhance performance, strengthen organizational health and agility, and much more. Author Greg Baker, CEO of Advance Consulting—a leading management consulting and professional development firm specializing in the transformation of people, teams, and organizations—shows you how to use “enterprise” energy to dramatically increase professional productivity and enhance business performance. The Energy Equation teaches you how to “see” the energy of your company, enabling you to understand why some things work and others don’t. The traditional “surface-level management” model no longer works in the 21 st century; a much deeper view is needed. The Energy Equation will help you unlock the hidden power of energy in your business: Eliminate unnecessary conflict that saps the energy of your business Build business agility, boost employee engagement, and establish a positive culture throughout your organization Optimize your daily business, manage change, and prepare for the future of work View your business through the lens of energy to see what is really happening beneath the surface The Energy Equation is a powerful resource for any person or business seeking to adapt and thrive in the challenging global business environment.

The Lean Dairy Farm

Mat Hocken

Make your farm better, smarter, and more productive The Lean method is revolutionising farming globally with its proven approach for reducing waste, improving productivity and sustaining profits. In The Lean Dairy Farm , dairy farmer and Lean consultant Jana Hocken explains why this approach is essential to every dairy farm and how to apply these tools, practices and principles to your dairy operation. The Lean Dairy Farm helps reduce the common problems and stressors faced by farmers every day: long work hours, high staff turnovers, repeat problems, breakdowns, wastage, safety and high costs. Using her own family’s dairy farm as a case study, Jana provides insight into how the Lean approach applies to farming, introduces practical tools to help you improve efficiency and reduce waste, and shows you how to create a farm culture that supports Lean thinking. Even if Lean is entirely new to you, this book offers a simple blueprint for applying its principles and practices to improve your farm. Quickly make use of basic Lean concepts on your farm Identify and eliminate waste in farm processes Organise your farm effectively to improve productivity Standardise your processes to do everything right the first time Develop an engaged, high performing team If you want a more efficient, profitable and robust dairy farm, The Lean Dairy Farm is for you.

Predicting Personality

Greg Skloot

The ultimate playbook for using artificial intelligence to communicate effectively, build teams, and win customers Not long ago, we imagined a hyper-connected world full of trust and openness—a world where effortless communication would bring about a new understanding between people everywhere. Judging from our current environment, this vision of the future may have been overly optimistic. With infinite channels and countless voices flooding them with messages, most people have become highly skeptical and guarded by necessity. As a result, communication is much harder than ever before. Despite the unprecedented connectivity enabled by modern technology, we are far less likely to trust and to invest the time needed to build strong relationships. How can we use technology to reverse this trend? A groundbreaking new branch of artificial intelligence—Personality AI—may be the answer. Combining traditional machine learning, data analytics, and behavioral psychology, Personality AI helps professional communicators tear down walls, establish trust with their audiences, and utilize data to build meaningful relationships, strengthen empathy, and win more customers. Predicting Personality is a practical, real-world playbook for any individual or business whose success hinges on the ability to communicate effectively and build teams. Authors Drew D’Agostino and Greg Skloot—CEO and President, respectively, of Crystal, the app that tells you anyone's personality—show you how businesses can leverage Personality AI and machine learning to grow faster and communicate more effectively than was previously possible. This reader-friendly guide teaches you what Personality AI is, how it works, and demonstrates its practical applications in both life and business. This book: ● Explains how to understand personality types in various contexts, including sales, recruiting, coaching ● Provides guidelines for using personality data to learn and execute ● Explores ethics and compliance considerations surrounding the use of Personality AI ● Offers valuable insights from a leader in the business applications of Personality AI Predicting Personality: Using AI to Understand People and Win More Business is a must-have guide for C-suite executives, sales and marketing professionals, coaches, recruiters, and business owners.


Jacqueline Deschamps

Mediation is a very old practice that has been reborn to meet the needs of the contemporary world. It is thus increasingly present in today's societies. This book presents the theoretical foundations of mediation, as well as the way in which teachers and researchers in Information and Communication Sciences (ICS) have taken up this concept. Whether it is communicational, informational, cultural, organizational or societal, mediation belongs to a field of research, instituted by ICS, which sees in it a process of overcoming conflict, restoring communication and deconstructing social connections. Mediation: A Concept for Information and Communication Sciences inaugurates this set through its contribution to a state of the art of the theory and concepts used by the ICS community. It is addressed to teachers, researchers and students, as well as information professionals wishing to think about their daily practice.


Nick Hays

Proven tools to take your team and yourself to the next level Elite: High Performance Lessons and Habits from a Former Navy SEAL is a practical, no-nonsense guide to elevate your leadership skills and drive your team to their maximum potential. Before you can push your team to the max, you must push yourself—elite teams require elite leaders. This invaluable guide supplies the tools you need to develop effective strategies to motivate, adapt, and overcome. Author Nick Hays combines military training with Harvard education to present a comprehensive program that will unlock the potential in yourself and your team. The business environment has changed dramatically over the last several decades. Volatile market conditions, disruptive innovation, and digital transformations across entire sectors have rendered traditional business methods obsolete. To thrive, businesses must be adaptable, agile, and lean. Policies and procedures may change, but strong leadership and shared goals ensure a source of strength and continuity. Providing real-world methods and effective strategies, this essential resource will allow you to: Embrace the Warrior Mindset to always be proactive, never a victim Develop the trust of your team through strength and shared experience Devise durable and sustainable business strategies and contingency plans that adapt to fluid situations Promote a culture of innovation and authenticity to deliver a solid foundation for your team Elite: High Performance Lessons and Habits from a Former Navy SEAL is a must-read guide for everyone from aspiring entrepreneurs to established business leaders. No matter the stage of your business—development, exploitation, or disruption— Elite will change your approach to business and unlock the warrior within.

Strategic Doing

Scott Hutcheson

Ten skills for agile leadership Complex challenges are all around us—they impact our companies, our communities, and our planet. This complexity and the emergence of networks is changing the practice of strategic management. Today’s leaders need to understand how to design and guide complex collaborations to accelerate innovation and change—collaborations that cross boundaries both inside and outside organizations. Strategic Doing introduces you to the new disciplines of agile strategy and collaborative leadership. You’ll learn how to design and guide complex collaborations by following a discipline of simple rules that you won’t find anywhere else. • Unleash the power of true collaboration • Learn and master the 10 skills of agile leadership • Apply individual skills to targeted situations • Introduces a new discipline of leadership strategy Filled with compelling case studies, Strategic Doing outlines a new discipline of leadership strategy specifically designed for open, loosely-connected networks.