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Healing Suicidal Veterans

Victor Montgomery III

Veterans are suffering a “mental breakdown” epidemic, often linked to post traumatic stress from the terrors of combat, traumatic brain injury, and drug and alcohol abuse. The problems triggered by an excessive number of deployments, financial and family trouble, fragmented or nonexistent support systems, and increased domestic stress have caused a mass depression among vets. Healing Suicidal Veterans takes readers firsthand into the “situation room” where crisis intervention and addiction therapist Victor Montgomery explores the psychological wounds of war and the ways they contribute to the tragedy of suicidal veterans. He presents the Montgomery Model for ending veterans' suffering and anguish and putting them on solid paths to healing. The book offers veterans strategies for realizing they are not failures if they seek aid, and it gives families and loved ones ways to understand, cope with, and help their veteran in need.

Defusing Angry People

Kevin Fauteux

One in five adults has and anger management problem, and 45 percent are losing their tempers on a regular basis. These alarming statistics show unchecked anger is all around us, whether it be hostile individuals, backstabbing family members, bullies, or normally peaceful people who inexplicably go ballistic. In Defusing Angry People, Kevin Fauteux utilizes his experience treating patients' anger issues, gives important steps to understanding rage, and then shows how to employ specific de-escalation assessment techniques to effectively defuse volatile situations.

Defeating Depression

Leo J. Battenhausen

Do you feel stuck, trapped in a cycle of loneliness, despair, discontent and sadness? Do you have trouble sleeping, have to "wind” yourself up to get out of bed in the morning, have difficulty concentrating and focusing on work, loved ones and family? According to a recent survey 54 million people do. Defeating Depression will guide you toward identifying, understanding, coping with and healing conflicts and issues in your life so you will no longer feel powerless and filled with pain. Finally, you will be free to find and enjoy happiness and satisfaction.Defeating Depression will teach you how to identify these problem areas in your life and overcome barriers before you feel like they are paralyzing you. It will provide you with the tools to face life's issues and show you how to handle undesirable feelings, attitudes, reactions and falsities that cause too many people to feel powerless. Compiled from his twenty-five years of experience, Battenhausen's revolutionary «Calm and Sense» approach will empower you to take control of your life and feelings, not just today, but in the future.

Boom! 50 Fantastic Science Experiments to Try at Home with Your Kids (PB)

Крис Смит

· An engaging and fun book to introduce kids to science · Includes 50 awesome experiments to easily try at home with items you already own · From turning rice into quicksand and making gooey slime to fooling your senses and measuring the speed of light with margarine, the results will amaze everyone of all ages · Contains fascinating follow-up information on how each experiment works and how it can be applied to the real world · By the famous and award-winning Naked Scientists

my mother, my madness

Colleen Higgs

A woman reluctantly takes on the responsibility of putting her eccentric rebellious mother into a retirement home, and managing her care. She has her own daughter to raise and nurture, a marriage and a business to hold together, and her own psychological troubles due in good part to how she was mothered. my mother, my madness is Colleen Higgs�s diary of her mother�s last ten years. It is at once funny, harrowing, mundane, chaotic, and full of insight. It is a rich and moving story which unfolds through its characters like a novel.

Damsel No More!

Emily Davis

Damsel No More! is centered on the premise of creativity and magic with which women are able to overcome their abuse anxiety for good. The self-help industry has a habit of taking life too seriously, however, Damsel No More! takes a very different approach. Using the philosophies of Role Play Gaming, think Dungeons and Dragons, Damsel No More! takes on the dubious challenge of overcoming the anxiety felt after relationship abuse and makes it, well, fun! In this adventure, women learn all the skills needed to stop their past relationships from ruining their current one, such as: how to stop feeling guilty for everything, how to establish and communicate boundaries, and how to overcome their fears and communicate with their partner. Not only that, but every step of the way is filled with creativity and play to keep women motivated and excited until the final word. It is time to slay anxiety and have the healthy love that is deserved, it is time to be a Damsel No More!


Melanie Mulamba

Loosed is the disturbing account of Celine G.’s life and how faith triumphs over evil. Growing up the privileged child of a wealthy African businessman, Celine assumes her life will be nothing but idyllic. That is until she is seduced by a sadistic pedophile at age 11. She naively goes on to marry the deviant, only to find out her groom is also a sociopath. Her next few years are filled with beatings and rape, until one night she is almost murdered. Knowing that her husband’s next fit of rage will kill her, Celine takes her four children and escapes just in the nick of time. However, she only finds herself thrust into a new hell—a frightening world filled with abject poverty, sexual exploitation, psychological trauma, and predators of all kinds. And yet Celine survives. How did a broken woman manage to transform her tragic life?


Albert A. Harrison

The stars have always called us, but only for the past forty years or so have we been able to respond by traveling in space. This book explores the human side of spaceflight: why people are willing to brave danger and hardship to go into space; how human culture has shaped past and present missions; and the effects of space travel on health and well-being. A comprehensive and authoritative treatment of its subject, this book combines statistical studies, rich case histories, and gripping anecdotal detail as it investigates the phenomenon of humans in space—from the earliest spaceflights to the missions of tomorrow. <br /><br />Drawing from a strong research base in the behavioral sciences, Harrison covers such topics as habitability, crew selection and training, coping with stress, group dynamics, accidents, and more. In addition to taking a close look at spacefarers themselves, <I>Spacefaring </I>reviews the broad organizational and political contexts that shape human progress toward the heavens. With the ongoing construction of the International Space Station, the human journey to the stars continues, and this book will surely help guide the way.

Lise Meitner

Ruth Lewin Sime

Lise Meitner (1878-1968) was a pioneer of nuclear physics and co-discoverer, with Otto Hahn and Fritz Strassmann, of nuclear fission. Braving the sexism of the scientific world, she joined the prestigious Kaiser Wilhelm Institute for Chemistry and became a prominent member of the international physics community. Of Jewish origin, Meitner fled Nazi Germany for Stockholm in 1938 and later moved to Cambridge, England. Her career was shattered when she fled Germany, and her scientific reputation was damaged when Hahn took full credit—and the 1944 Nobel Prize—for the work they had done together on nuclear fission. Ruth Sime's absorbing book is the definitive biography of Lise Meitner, the story of a brilliant woman whose extraordinary life illustrates not only the dramatic scientific progress but also the injustice and destruction that have marked the twentieth century.

Weight and Measures

Pamphlet Master

This Weight and Measures study guide is created by Pamphlet Master for students everywhere. This tool has a comprehensive variety of college and graduate school topics/subjects which can give you what it takes to achieve success not only in school but beyond. Included in the pamphlet are: – LENGTH – AREA – TEMPERATURE – VOLUME AND CAPACITY (LIQUID AND DRY) – WEIGHT AND MASS – DRY MEASURE – LIQUID MEASURE – AVOIDRDUPOIS WEIGHT – POSTER AND PRINTING SIZES – TROY & APOTHECARIES WEIGHT – WRITING PAPER SIZES – FLUID POWER EQUIVALENTS