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Crystal Reports 2008 For Dummies

Allen Taylor G.

A report is only useful if those who receive it understand what it means. Knowing how to use Crystal Reports gives you the edge in producing reports from your database that really are crystal clear. Crystal Reports 2008 For Dummies is a quick and easy guide to get you going with the latest version of this bestselling report-writing software. In fact, it’s so popular that previous editions have made it a bestseller too. Crystal Reports 2008 For Dummies gives you just what you should know to produce the reports you’ll need most often, including how to: Pull specific information from your database, sort and group it, and find the details you need Use dynamic or cascading prompts Troubleshoot and print reports and save time with templates View reports on your LAN Write formulas to retrieve specific information Create and update OLAP reports Format reports, control page breaks, and even add graphics or Flash files Enhance your reports with charts and maps Use Crystal Reports in the enterprise There’s also a companion Web site with sample reports from the book and links to sites with more related information. With Crystal Reports 2008 For Dummies by your side, you’ll soon be able to create reports from simple to spectacular, whenever the need arises.

Teach Yourself VISUALLY Microsoft Office Access 2007

Faithe Wempen

Are you a visual learner? Do you prefer instructions that show you how to do something – and skip the long-winded explanations? If so, then this book is for you. Open it up, and you will find clear, step-by-step screen shots that show you how to tackle more than 170 Access 2007 tasks. Each task-based spread includes easy, visual directions for performing necessary operations, including * Navigating the new interface * Using templates to create databases * Entering and editing data * Working with tables and fields * Creating simple or summary queries * Linking to Excel(r) worksheets * Helpful sidebars offer practical tips and tricks * Full-color screen shots demonstrate each task * Succinct explanations walk you through step by step * Two-page lessons break big topics into bite-sized modules

MySQL Enterprise Solutions

Alexander Pachev (Sasha)

With more than three million users, MySQL is the most popular open-source database server in the world, providing an extremely fast, reliable, and inexpensive alternative to commercial database management systems Gives corporate users a complete guide to building enterprise-level database applications with MySQL Covers the pros and cons of adopting MySQL and installing, testing, and configuring the MySQL server Written by one of the lead programmers of the MySQL product and reviewed by Monty Widenius, the creator of MySQL Companion Web site includes all code examples as well as links to useful online resources

Quick CORBA 3

Jon Siegel

The latest release of CORBA boasts many new features that were highly anticipated by developers, including all of the necessary services for building fully distributed applications regardless of platform or programming language. Written by a leading international authority on CORBA and the bestselling author of CORBA 3 Fundamentals and Programming, Second Edition (0-471-29518-3), this book delivers on its title, providing a quick and easy-to-understand reference to CORBA 3 for developers who just need the basics to the upgrade–and don't have the time to read a huge reference guide. After reviewing the features grouped under the CORBA 3 banner, Siegel goes on to describe the integration of CORBA with Java and the Internet, mapping XML to OMG IDL, messaging, QoS control including specializations for Real-Time and embedded systems, and the CORBA Component Model (CCM).

Oracle Administration and Management

Michael Ault R.

Many databases are large and complex, making them very difficult to manage. In turn, data can become difficult to access, expensive to store, and even damaged or destroyed. Oracle 9i offers new functionality for the Oracle database system, ensuring that the database runs quickly, efficiently, and reliably. Shows the best techniques, tips, and tools for Oracle systems New edition focuses on the 9i version, but also covers releases 8 and 8i since many organizations still support these versions Companion Web site includes all of the software scripts to manage a database, plus links to lite and demo versions of database management software and other DBA tools

Mastering SQL Server 2000 Security

Mike Young

Learn how to protect corporate information by properly designing, managing, and maintaining security at the database level Security is a primary concern in all aspects of development and IT administration. While locking down networks and erecting firewalls will always be necessary, so much more can be done to protect a corporation's most valuable intangible assets: accounting records, customer lists, and inventories. Microsoft SQL Server 2000 has proven itself to be the fastest and most reliable product available for protecting corporate data. No other book covers as thoroughly the subject of security design and implementation strategies; Mastering SQL Server 2000 Security fills that gap in literature with practical, hands-on advice. Packed with indispensable design information that can make a tightly secured database faster and easier to use, this book is essential reading for both administrators and developers of databases. The authors explain just how much more is possible in the task of protecting corporate information by properly designing, managing, and maintaining security at the database level. From this book you will: Learn the ins and outs of SQL Server 2000 Security design Understand the implementation differences between SQL Server Authentication and Windows Authentication Understand the security options in SQL Server 2000 for Internet applications Integrate the security of Windows 2000 (Kerberos) into your SQL Server deployment Master the security requirements for distributed data environments, such as DTS, replication, linked servers, and data warehousing

Mastering Access 2002

Alan Simpson

Master Everything Access 2002 Has to Offer Reap the benefits of the latest release of Microsoft Access with Mastering Access 2002 Premium Edition. Get clelear, in-depth coverage of the entire range of Access functionality, from basic to advanced. Special attention to new features makes the transition from an earlier version quick and painless, and 200 pages of bonus macro material teaches you ways to customize and automate Access to make it work for you. Establish Key Skills Create a database that meets your precise needs Design easy-to-use forms with effective visual elements Expand and collapse views to bring in supporting details Import and export data, including XML Examine data using subdatasheet views Summarize, analyze, and trend data with PivotTables and PivotCharts Filter data and create reports Publish Access data to a Web server Personalize Access menus and toolbars Keep your data secure Take advantage of improved integration with other Office applications Create custom error messages Then Tackle These Cutting-Edge Topics Recording and running macros Maintaining data with macros Handling complex macro navigation Using macros to work with groups of records Identifying and correcting macro errors Using Access as SQL Server's front end Using Access as the core of a database-driven Web site Managing replication and conflict resolution Using Visual Basic to get the most out of Access Note: CD-ROM/DVD and other supplementary materials are not included as part of eBook file.

Oracle9i DBA JumpStart

Bob Bryla

Get Up to Speed for Oracle9i Administration Training Courses–Fast! Oracle9i DBA JumpStart gives you the solid grounding you need to approach Oracle certification with confidence: * Introduction to relational database concepts * Using basic SQL*Plus and iSQL*Plus commands * Understanding Oracle database functions * Using multiple tables * Restricting, sorting, and grouping data * Creating and maintaining a database * Using SQL*Plus reporting techniques * Creating and maintaining database objects * Setting up users and managing security * Configuring optimization * Creating backups * Troubleshooting

Mastering SQL Server 2000

Mike Gunderloy

Complete. Authoritative. Practical. The only SQL Server book you need. Mastering SQL Server 2000 is the one indispensable resource for anyone working with the latest version of SQL Server. Whether you build or administer SQL Server databases or write applications that communicate with them, you'll find the background knowledge and the practical instruction you need to accomplish any task, from the most basic to the most advanced. Coverage includes: Understanding SQL Server architecture Designing an efficient normalized database Writing Transact-SQL statements and batches Creating databases Creating tables and views Creating stored procedures and triggers Administering SQL Server Managing SQL Server security Designing applications using ADO, SQL-DMO, and SQL-NS Using Data Transformation Services Integrating SQL Server with the Internet Optimizing SQL Server performance Understanding and managing replication Using Analysis Services to analyze data Using Microsoft English Query Troubleshooting common problems

Universal Meta Data Models

David Marco

The heart of the book provides the complete set of models that will support most of an organization's core business functions, including universal meta models for enterprise-wide systems, business meta data and data stewardship, portfolio management, business rules, and XML, messaging, and transactions Developers can directly adapt these models to their own businesses, saving countless hours of development time Building effective meta data repositories is complicated and time-consuming, and few IT departments have the necessary expertise to do it right-which is why this book is sure to find a ready audience Begins with a quick overview of the Meta Data Repository Environment and the business uses of meta data, then goes on to describe the technical architecture followed by the detailed models