The Snow Spider Trilogy. Jenny Nimmo

Детская фантастика.

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The Snow Spider Trilogy

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isbn 9781780311487

Автор произведения Jenny Nimmo

Жанр Детская фантастика


Издательство HarperCollins

A spine-tingling magical fantasy trilogy from the author of Charlie Bone, Jenny Nimmo.On his ninth birthday, Gwyn is given a brooch and told to cast it into the wind. Later he discovers the wind has sent something back: the snow spider. So begins Gwyn's journey as a magician. Against the shimmering backdrop of a magical domed city, Gwyn has to battle evil and heal a fractured family.Combining all of Jenny Nimmo’s trademark elements unusual but compelling characters, stunning magic and a rich, vibrant story The Snow Spider Trilogy is perfect for lovers of Jenny Nimmo’s other fantasy books such as Charlie Bone and The Secret Kingdom.Jenny Nimmo writes with incredible vigour and passion’ Guardian