Bedroom Seductions. Nicola Marsh

Контркультура. Mills & Boon By Request

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Bedroom Seductions

Год выпуска 0

isbn 9781472044631

Автор произведения Nicola Marsh

Жанр Контркультура

Серия Mills & Boon By Request

Издательство HarperCollins

Two Weeks in the Magnate’s BedShipping tycoon Zac McCoy can sense there is a passionate woman behind Lana Walker’s shy exterior. While aboard his luxury yacht, he’ll have her as his temporary mistress, but will two weeks be enough…?Business in the BedroomAbby Seymour’s arrived on the Australian Gold Coastto start a new business. Only she’s been swindled!So gorgeous businessman Zak Forrester offers to let her stay with him, but how long can they resist the passion that sizzles between them?Bought: Damsel in DistressIndependent Emily does not want rescuing – until billionaire Luke Harrison swoops in on his private jet and starts to change her mind! But neither is prepared for the smouldering heat they awaken.