Instant Business Letters. Iain Maitland

Маркетинг, PR, реклама.

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Instant Business Letters

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isbn 9780007399666

Автор произведения Iain Maitland

Жанр Маркетинг, PR, реклама


Издательство HarperCollins

Everything you need to know to become a first-class letter writer. Includes over 200 examples of business letters that can be used immediately or amended to suit your own purposes.Writing a business letter is something that many people find difficult, but this invaluable ebook contains everything you need to know to become a first-class letter writer.In his clear, straightforward style, Iain Maitland shows you how to plan a letter and choose the correct approach, layout and style to suit every occasion.Instant Business Letters also contains over 200 examples of letters – such as ‘acceptances’, ‘complaints’, ‘enquiries’ and ‘warnings’ – that you can use immediately or amend for your own purposes.