Geographies of Anticolonialism. Andrew Davies

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Geographies of Anticolonialism

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isbn 9781119381570

Автор произведения Andrew Davies

Жанр Прочая образовательная литература


Издательство John Wiley & Sons Limited

A fresh approach to scholarship on the diverse nature of Indian anticolonial processes. Brings together a varied selection of literature to explore Indian anticolonialism in new ways Offers a different perspective to geographers seeking to understand political resistance to colonialism Addresses contemporary studies that argue nationalism was joined by other political processes, such as revolutionary and anarchist ideologies, to shape the Indian independence movement Includes a focus on a specific anticolonial group, the “Pondicherry Gang,” and investigates their significant impact which went beyond South India Helps readers understand the diverse nature of anticolonialism, which in turn prompts thinking about the various geographies produced through anticolonial activity