Introduction to Robotics. Saeed B. Niku

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Introduction to Robotics

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isbn 9781119527596

Автор произведения Saeed B. Niku

Жанр Техническая литература


Издательство John Wiley & Sons Limited

The revised text to the analysis, control, and applications of robotics The revised and updated third edition of Introduction to Robotics: Analysis, Control, Applications , offers a guide to the fundamentals of robotics, robot components and subsystems and applications. The author—a noted expert on the topic—covers the mechanics and kinematics of serial and parallel robots, both with the Denavit-Hartenberg approach as well as screw-based mechanics. In addition, the text contains information on microprocessor applications, control systems, vision systems, sensors, and actuators. Introduction to Robotics gives engineering students and practicing engineers the information needed to design a robot, to integrate a robot in appropriate applications, or to analyze a robot. The updated third edition contains many new subjects and the content has been streamlined throughout the text. The new edition includes two completely new chapters on screw-based mechanics and parallel robots. The book is filled with many new illustrative examples and includes homework problems designed to enhance learning. This important text: Offers a revised and updated guide to the fundamental of robotics Contains information on robot components, robot characteristics, robot languages, and robotic applications Covers the kinematics of serial robots with Denavit-Hartenberg methodology and screw-based mechanics Includes the fundamentals of control engineering, including analysis and design tools Discusses kinematics of parallel robots Written for students of engineering as well as practicing engineers , Introduction to Robotics, Third Edition reviews the basics of robotics, robot components and subsystems, applications, and has been revised to include the most recent developments in the field.