Tuesday Mooney Wore Black. Kate Racculia


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Tuesday Mooney Wore Black

Год выпуска 0

isbn 9780008326968

Автор произведения Kate Racculia

Жанр Эзотерика


Издательство HarperCollins

You are cordially invited to play a game…Tuesday Mooney loves a puzzle. So when an eccentric billionaire drops dead, leaving behind a fiendish treasure hunt – open to anyone – to his fortune, Tuesday can’t resist.Although she works best alone, she soon finds herself partnering up with best friend Dex (money manager by day, karaoke-terrorist by night) and the mysterious Nathanial Arches, eldest son of a wealthy family who held a long-running feud with the dead man.As the clues are solved, excitement across the city reaches fever pitch – but nothing is as it seems, and the puzzle-within-a-puzzle holds something much darker than a vast fortune at its heart…