The Mental Health Desk Reference. Elizabeth Welfel Reynolds

Общая психология.

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The Mental Health Desk Reference

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isbn 9780471441625

Автор произведения Elizabeth Welfel Reynolds

Жанр Общая психология


Издательство John Wiley & Sons Limited

A practical, easy-to-use, and comprehensive reference for mental health professionals The Mental Health Desk Reference is the ultimate guide to effective and responsible mental health practice. It provides authoritative, concise, and up-to-date information from more than seventy experts regarding diagnosis, treatment, and ethics of practice. Each entry summarizes key constructs and terminology associated with the topic, major findings from research, and specific recommendations on theory and practice. Important topics covered include: * Adjustment disorders and life stress * Diagnosis and treatment of adults * Diagnosis and treatment of children * Crisis intervention * Diverse populations * Group and family interventions * Practice management * Professional issues * Ethical and legal issues * Professional resources These detailed, readable entries-based on the most extensive and reliable research available-form a comprehensive, straightforward, and quick-reference resource applicable to practitioners across every field in mental health. The Mental Health Desk Reference is the single resource no mental health professional can afford to be without.