The Psychology of Prosocial Behavior. Mark Snyder

Общая психология.

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The Psychology of Prosocial Behavior

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isbn 9781444307955

Автор произведения Mark Snyder

Жанр Общая психология


Издательство John Wiley & Sons Limited

The Psychology of Prosocial Behavior provides original contributions that examine current perspectives and promising directions for future research on helping behaviors and related core issues. Covers contributions which deal explicitly with interventions designed to foster out-group helping (and to improve its quality) in real world settings Provides the reader with a cohesive look at helping and prosocial behaviors using a combination of theoretical work with research on interventions in applied settings Examines helping from multiple perspectives in order to recognize the diverse influences that promote actions for the benefit of others Contributors to this volume include cutting-edge researchers using both field studies and laboratory experiments