Handbook of Industrial Mixing. Suzanne Kresta M.

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Handbook of Industrial Mixing

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isbn 9780471451440

Автор произведения Suzanne Kresta M.

Жанр Справочная литература: прочее


Издательство John Wiley & Sons Limited

Handbook of Industrial Mixing will explain the difference and uses of a variety of mixers including gear mixers, top entry mixers, side entry mixers, bottom entry mixers, on-line mixers, and submerged mixers The Handbook discusses the trade-offs among various mixers, concentrating on which might be considered for a particular process. Handbook of Industrial Mixing explains industrial mixers in a clear concise manner, and also: * Contains a CD-ROM with video clips showing different type of mixers in action and a overview of their uses. * Gives practical insights by the top professional in the field. * Details applications in key industries. * Provides the professional with information he did receive in school