Covid-19: Recover from Coronavirus Now. Igor Kryan


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Covid-19: Recover from Coronavirus Now

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isbn 9781678026622

Автор произведения Igor Kryan

Жанр Журналы


Издательство Ingram

1 Million infected with COVID 19 and the number is growing. This book will teach you how to recover from this 2020 Plague. Also, do you or your family suffers from Coronavirus, Stroke, Alzheimer or Cancer? As a bonus, this book will teach you the best methods to deal with those illnesses You don't have to suffer anymore. There are very effective and cheap remedies that Big Phrama don't want to you to get your hands on, because they cannot profit from them. I priced this book as cheap as possible, not profiting from it because everyone deserves to know this vital information.