Dracula Was a Lawyer. Jack Mingo

Сделай Сам. Totally Riveting Utterly Entertaining Trivia

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Dracula Was a Lawyer

Год выпуска 0

isbn 9781609250720

Автор произведения Jack Mingo

Жанр Сделай Сам

Серия Totally Riveting Utterly Entertaining Trivia

Издательство Ingram

We are all fascinated by the legal system and the people behind it. With Dracula Was a Lawyer, trivia experts Erin Barrett and Jack Mingo explore lawyers we love to hate (until we need one!), the pitfalls in our legal system, celebrity lawyers, and more. This compendium puts lawyers and legal history on trial and exposes over 500 outrageous oddities from the wild world of law.