The Smart Approach to® Kids' Rooms, 3rd edition. Megan Connelly

Сделай Сам. Home Decorating

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The Smart Approach to® Kids' Rooms, 3rd edition

Год выпуска 0

isbn 9781607654285

Автор произведения Megan Connelly

Жанр Сделай Сам

Серия Home Decorating

Издательство Ingram

Another updated bestseller in the «Smart Approach» series, The Smart Approach to Kids' Rooms starts with the premise: «Think like a professional.» Parents will find all the inspiration and information they need to create any kid's dream room. Chapters include a basic primer on the general principles of good design and how to apply them to individual needs and lifestyles. Topics include: working with color, choosing furniture, organizing space, storage, special ideas for walls, windows, and floors, plus safety tips. One chapter addresses designing for children with special needs.