Countdown to Corruption. Glenn Edward Kirk

Политические детективы.

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Countdown to Corruption

Год выпуска 0

isbn 9781925819120

Автор произведения Glenn Edward Kirk

Жанр Политические детективы


Издательство Ingram

The Reader is introduced to Charlie Hall, a young Englishman, recently married, dealing with his first year as a Management Trainee in Corporate South Africa. He is invited to join a group of young South African men drawn from various associated industries to meet on a weekly basis for a social drink and general discussion. The agenda of these meetings changes and he quickly finds himself caught in a web of blackmail and corruption. Unable to extricate himself from this sensitive but explosive situation he becomes intimately involved in complex relationships across Africa, England and the United States. We are transported through a hub of terror, crime, rampant violent decimation of all wildlife and increasing discontent. The plot encompasses highly controversial solutions to Africa’s problems both political and financial and the sub-plots provide considerable insight into the challenges Charlie faces to achieve his objectives of a peaceful and united Africa.