Song of Hiawatha. Генри Уодсуорт Лонгфелло

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Song of Hiawatha

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isbn 9781462912360

Автор произведения Генри Уодсуорт Лонгфелло

Жанр Зарубежные стихи


Издательство Ingram

The publisher is proud to present this new edition of an old American favorite, authentically and unforgettably illustrated by a distinguished American artist.Artist-illustrator Herbert Meyer's illustrations give new life to Longfellow's epic poem. Besides being warmly evocative, they are historically authentic, for the artist did extensive research on the American Indians. Meyer's artistic vision does full justice to Longfellow's immortal epic, which is not only an American favorite, but is known and admired throughout the world for its hauntingly beautiful poetry.The Song of Hiawatha's particular blend of myth and history, native tradition and foreign influence has survived the years, and its artistic authenticity is undisputed. The same, we hope, can be said for the illustrations of Herbert Meyer, brought to light in this new, digital edition.