Reality Transurfing: steps 1-5. Вадим Зеланд


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Reality Transurfing: steps 1-5

Год выпуска 2012

isbn 978-5-9573-2880-3

Автор произведения Вадим Зеланд

Жанр Эзотерика


Издательство ИГ "Весь"

Transurfing is a powerful technology of managing reality. Apply it – and life will begin to change under YOUR order. The goal during using Transurfing doesn’t reached, but implemented for the most part itself. It’s impossible to believe, but only at first sight. The ideas presented in the book have already found practical confirmation. Those who tried to do the Transurfing, was surprised, bordering on delight. The surrounding world of Transurfer is inexplicably changing before our eyes.