Wife Against Her Will. Sara Craven

Современные любовные романы.

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Wife Against Her Will

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Автор произведения Sara Craven

Жанр Современные любовные романы


Издательство HarperCollins

Mills & Boon proudly presents THE SARA CRAVEN COLLECTION. Sara’s powerful and passionate romances have captivated and thrilled readers all over the world for five decades making her an international bestseller.WIFE AGAINST HER WILLBoardroom to bedroomDarcy Langton is stunned when she finds herself engaged to businessman Joel Castille – traded as part of a business merger! While Joel represents everything that she detests, he's also the most charismatic man she's ever met.Joel has no intentions of honouring their in-name-only agreement, and away from the boardroom Darcy is unable to resist his sensual persuasions. But when Darcy makes a shocking discovery, Joel must win her back – or risk losing his most valuable asset forever…