Untamed. Carole Mortimer

Современные любовные романы.

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Автор произведения Carole Mortimer

Жанр Современные любовные романы


Издательство HarperCollins

Carole Mortimer is one of Mills & Boon’s best loved Modern Romance authors. With nearly 200 books published and a career spanning 35 years, Mills & Boon are thrilled to present her complete works available to download for the very first time! Rediscover old favourites – and find new ones! – in this fabulous collection…Keilly will not allow herself to fall for a man like Rod Bartlett! A man who can so calculatingly seduce her innocent cousin and discard her for another woman—until she, too, became dispensable!But Rod has an easy charm and the ability to make Keilly feel as if she is the only woman in the world! Before long even Keilly wants to believe Rod is a kind and sensitive man who has fallen for her…as much as she has for him!