Angel Of The Knight. Diana Hall

Историческая литература.

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Angel Of The Knight

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Автор произведения Diana Hall

Жанр Историческая литература


Издательство HarperCollins

'Twas a Hellish MatchWhat else could Falke de Chretian call it when he was unwillingly betrothed to a woman of few attractions and many secrets? But the Lady Gwendolyn hid a golden self beneath a drab exterior, and is heart was soon divided 'twixt her and a nameless night angel#151;a woman both mysterious…and strangely familiar!Though dismissed as the homely «Lady Wren,» Gwendolyn was the true guardian spirit of her rightful lands, ministering tot he sick and helping the needy. Yet her soul slumbered in silent loneliness, until awakened by the earthly charms of devilish Falke de Chretian.