What The Cowboy Prescribes.... Mary Starleigh


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What The Cowboy Prescribes...

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Автор произведения Mary Starleigh

Жанр Вестерны


Издательство HarperCollins

For weeks, I've needed a partner for my country clinic. Well, I've finally found one–right under my own roof! My guest room's temporary occupant is a rugged hunk who looks more comfortable wearing a Stetson than a stethoscope, and he has secrets–big secrets.He's also tender, grumpy and practically irresistible! Steve Hartly says he doesn't practice medicine anymore, but I see the longing in his eyes and have felt the warmth of his touch. Somehow I've got to find a way to help him while protecting myself. Because even I don't know how to heal a broken heart…