Tall, Dark and Texan. Annette Broadrick


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Tall, Dark and Texan

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Автор произведения Annette Broadrick

Жанр Вестерны


Издательство HarperCollins

An untameable bachelor meets his match in this classic reader favorite story from USA TODAY bestselling author Annette Broadrick.After a shocking betrayal, Dan Crenshaw left behind his corporate empire to live alone—forever. Then his Texas seclusion was shattered by Shannon Doyle, his kid sister's friend. The vulnerable beauty infiltrated his lone existence with her home-cooked meals and wifelike concern. But Dan would never convert to family man. And though he dreamed of taking Shannon to the depths of passion and back again, his fierce honor wouldn't allow him to take her innocence…unless he slipped a ring on her finger…