Shadow Of The Wolf. Rebecca Flanders

Зарубежные любовные романы.

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Shadow Of The Wolf

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Автор произведения Rebecca Flanders

Жанр Зарубежные любовные романы


Издательство HarperCollins

To catch a killerTV journalist Amy Fortenoy knew the only way to catch the elusive «werewolf killer» was to dangle herself as bait. But when she got in over her head, sexy Ky Londen came to her rescue. Suddenly she was really in trouble. Because teaming up with the alluring P.I. raised the stakes–which now included her heart.Ky had his own very private reason for joining the investigation.Yet he never should have involved the determined ace reporter. She was a sultry distraction he couldn't afford. For if he lost his concentration, they could lose their lives to the beast within himself.Within a few lost souls, the HEART OF THE WOLF beats fierce and wild. Feel them, fear them, tame them….