A Bride for a Blue-Ribbon Cowboy. Judy Duarte


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A Bride for a Blue-Ribbon Cowboy

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Автор произведения Judy Duarte

Жанр Вестерны


Издательство HarperCollins

HER CHALLENGE? TRANSFORMING FROM TOMBOY TO KNOCKOUT.HER PRIZE? THE COWBOY OF HER DREAMS.Outroping and outriding every man in Blossom was something Cindy Tucker could do with her eyes closed. But cooking, flirting and wearing high heels? Those were skills of a different kind–the kind she'd surely need to lasso a r husband. And the one person she trusted to teach her was Blake Gray Feather. He was the only man who'd ever made her lose her breath, who haunted her dreams, who hadn't yet figured out his childhood friend had grown up.But now, with their late-night sweet talk and soft kisses, she was seeing a different look in Blake's eyes…and that gave Cindy a newfound confidence in her womanly abilities. Because he fully intended to put Blake's «lessons» to use to win the heart of the only cowboy she'd ever loved…