Field Manual for Small Animal Medicine. Katherine Polak


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Field Manual for Small Animal Medicine

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isbn 9781119243182

Автор произведения Katherine Polak

Жанр Медицина


Издательство John Wiley & Sons Limited (prof)

Field Manual for Small Animal Medicine offers anyone working in resource-limited environments a practical resource for delivering veterinary care outside the traditional hospital or clinic setting. Offers the only comprehensive resource for best practices when practicing veterinary medicine in resource-limited environments Integrates practical and cost-effective protocols where the ideal solution may not be available Presents information on vital topics such as operating a field spay/neuter clinic, emergency sheltering, sanitation and surgical asepsis, preventive care practices, zoonotic diseases, and euthanasia Serves as a quick reference guide for common surgical procedures, cytology interpretation, anesthesia and treatment protocols, and drug dosing The only comprehensive resource for practicing in resource-limited environmentsIntegrates practical protocols for handling medical operationsCoverage includes animal capture and transport, surgical operations, temporary sheltering, diagnostictechniques, medical and treatment protocols, euthanasia practices, and triage