Wolf the Doggy. Даша Вернова


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Wolf the Doggy

Год выпуска 2018

isbn 978-966-03-8039-4

Автор произведения Даша Вернова

Жанр Сказки


Издательство Фолио

This book tells about the adventures of an intelligent and kind wolf and his friends. Because of his friendliness, the animals called the wolf Doggy. So he decided that Wolf would be his last name, and his nickname Doggy would become his first name. In the world where our wolf lives, all the animals are divided into intelligent and ordinary animals. Intelligent animals are almost like people – you and me – they know how to walk, talk, have houses and even work. The rest of the animals, despite being also able to talk as well as walk on their hind legs, remain enslaved to their animal instincts – they oppress other animals and take everything by force. Our Doggy the Wolf leads a pretty bright and busy life, the pictures in this book help tell the stories from his life. The author’s text and captions to the drawings will help you understand and decide for yourself what happened, and what conclusions should or should not be drawn.