Revelation of the Soul. Re thinking. Андрей Кудан


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Revelation of the Soul. Re thinking

Год выпуска 2017


Автор произведения Андрей Кудан

Жанр Эзотерика


Издательство ЛитРес: Самиздат

One Buddhist master read a wonderful text to his students. It touched them all, and they asked him: "Who wrote it?” The teacher answered: “If I tell you that it was written by Buddha, you will worship this text, placing flowers on it and bowing down before it. If I tell you that this text was written by a Patriarch, you will treat it with great reverence but you won’t bow down before it like it were written by Buddha, If I tell you it was written by a monk then you might be taken aback. If you find out that this text was written by our cook then you will just laugh.